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Beijing Zhongguancun Medical Apparatus Industry Park

Walton Design & Consulting Engineering Co.

Mixed Use  /  Completed
Walton Design & Consulting Engineering Co.
The Beijing Zhongguancun Medical Apparatus Industry Park is located at Daxing district, Beijing City, has total building area of 184687.95㎡, and provides main functions such as office, R&D, production and matched services.
Idea of park planning:
The park is planned based on the idea of valley, China element and informal exchange space
The planning design responds to the central scene in the general plan. The entrance plaza is set up at the north-west corner of this area as the origin of the valley to respond to the big environment. With organic fusion of “Life Intelligence Valley, Informal Exchange Space and Office Courtyard”, it forms wholly stable space architecture with high kinetic potential.
Valley: The park is planned with “Valley” as the main concept, the valley is integrated and penetrated to the whole park via fluidity and is matched with the development dynamics of the enterprises at the park. The space is tactful and rich and keeps harmonious and united with the buildings under the whole concept of the valley in the park plan.
Informal exchange space: most employees from the high-end medical apparatus industry are talents with deep knowledge and high degree. They have higher requirement for quality of the scene environment. Beautiful scene environment can boost attraction and stability of talents at this park and strengthen innovative productivity of the park. Informal exchange space is set up at the park to inspire innovative thinking of everyone and inspire innovative idea. Informal exchange is the important part of technology innovation in the scientific and research groups.
Chinese elements: The traditional Chinese courtyard buildings are combined with the modern industry production. The planning design based on enterprise customization mode features stronger privacy, better field sense and relatively independent courtyard R&D production building communities. The building space can be separated or consolidated in order to provide flexible use space.
Space deployment of park:
With the entrance plaza as the valley origin, the valley associates the industry production function board with the industry service function board at the park. For enterprises with different scales, the incubator, standard production workshop, independent R&D center are designed as the production workshops, and the industry service and living service platform are provided at the park center to perfect the function configurations of the park. All buildings are flexibly and seamlessly deployed on both sides of the valley and the buildings are integrated with the valley well.


 184688 mq
 Walton Design & Consulting Engineering Co., Ltd.


Lining graduated from School of Architecture, Beijing Jiaotong University and master degree from School of Architecture, Tianjin University in 1998. Engaged in architectural design for many years. He is currently the deputy chief architect of Huatong Design Consulting Engineering Co., LTD., the chief architect of The First Construction Business Division, and the secretary general of the Academic Committee of the Industrial Park of Architectural Society of China. We have been adhering to the design concept of "design creates vitality, architecture reflects emotion". He has rich practical experience in architectural design in many design fields, including industrial parks, office buildings of science and technology and headquarters, cultural and educational buildings, residential buildings, etc.


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