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Stream Villa, embracing the neighboring cultural spirit


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Adjacent to a historical zone, the site is a very unique piece of land which is situated in Gusu District, Suzhou city. The Gusu District, as the oldest part of the city, represents the long-lasting cultural and historical contexts in a combination of water, rocks, trees, gardens and pavilions, which gives the project a sense of tranquility and Zen. The designer tries to bring in an inhabiting environment that embraces the neighboring cultural spirit.

Therefore, the designer’s priority now is how to adjust the project to the cultural and historical context and at the same time to include some modern design elements, and additionally, to make the best of the local resources available to achieve balance and harmony in art and architecture.

The intimate relationship between courtyard and building continues from the first-floor entrance to the interior space. The materials inside mostly match the outdoor stone, so that the indoor and outdoor texture can be unified. The entrance door is four meters high, made of traditional wood and has exquisite relief patterns on its surface. The courtyard brings the first floor a unique atmosphere, as well as the Chinese style.

The white tile pendant on the wall uses Suzhou garden window as design concept. The designer extracts oriental elements, shapes it through innovative method, and presents it in overlapping layers and high and low undulations.

The unique spiral staircase is the visual focus of the space. The proportion of each line on it is repeatedly refined and adjusted, showing a specific spiritual temperament. The special texture not only strengthens the characteristics, but also corresponds to the overall style of the building, which is rough and original.

The curved aisle adopts the design method of the traditional garden, which perfectly divided the space. Light, shadow, structure and material together create a deep beauty in the overall space.

The designer wants to divide the space by simple combination of walls, to ensure the space flexibility. Different sizes of stones are used to made the walls, to build a unique environment, create variety in the unified material, and guarantee purity and exquisiteness.

The white pigeon installations are hidden at the end of the corridor, against the dark background, which form a visual contrast and an effect of flickering. Even the shadow casted by the pigeons becomes a part of the installation art piece.

Each area is rationally utilized. A special metal curtain separates the device area and the discussion area. Therefore, it is ensured that each space is independent and also connected to each other. The metal material adds a refined sense to the rough space.

Due to the poor natural lighting condition in the basement area, a patio and a landscape setting in the atrium are set in the discussion area. The inner courtyard allows the side lighting, extends the space, and increases the closeness between the internal space and nature.

The tearoom adheres to traditional Chinese tea culture. Chinese people have a long history of drinking tea and carry a profound culture. There are many kinds of utensils for drinking tea, and every small item should be carefully selected.

In the dining space, besides the enthusiasm for art, there is a sense of tranquility in life. This space not only provides function, but also brings a sense of art, ceremony and respect.


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