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Lba, recovery an attic of a Turin's building


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The intervention is a recovery of an attic of a building in Turin whose final intention of the client is a main use for Airbnb. The project thus becomes an opportunity to create an environment that can accommodate future tenants in the best possible way and at the same time give them a moment of relaxation and peace. The building structure in reinforced concrete becomes the main project element. Close to it, a big window with spatial subdivision function beetween
the sleeping area and the living room that amplifies the spaces and allows a 360-degree view of the whole house. A green volume hides the bathroom and a technical volume inside. Thanks to the wide velux and the two newly built dormer windows, the environment is enriched with a light that was previously lacking. Hybridizing the existing structure, two metal beams are inserted instead of the previous beams in reinforced concrete to increase the height from the ground and allow an easier passage. The distribution pipes of the heating further characterize the intervention moving themself freely within the volume of the house.
This project comes as consequence of the research process we are conducting in the studio.
In particular, day after day, we are trying to reach the maximum amount of architectural content with the less use of elements and objects.
We are fascinated by authentic architecture and in our everyday life our aim is to follow that guideline.
Following architects as Lacaton Vassal, Vinck de Vylder Taillieu, Muoto among others we have the goal to reach natural results with the limited use of budget and expensive materials.
In another hand we believe that architecture has to deal with structure and engineering problems.
We think Architecture is strictly related with engineering and we design side by side with engineers. Architectural ideas come lot of time out of mechanical, thermal, acoustic problems and relative solutions.
Speaking about this particular case in Turin, as you see in the images, this is a very SIMPLE project.
Actually is the SIMPLEST we have ever done. We think we succeded in our goal: have the most architectural content with the less use of materials, object and details.
The project is simply based by the cleaning of the existing and the introduction of a small volume for the services (restroom).
Everything else is made by what we have already found before.
The new structure is declared in red, and the thermal tube (that is also red) is condo, so it is in common with all the neighbours at different floors of the building.
Colors and materials are neutral, and beside the concrete we used natural wood and white plaster.
This neutrality and integrity, is a result of a convergence of wills: our will, our client will and the will derivated by the intended use.


 75 mq
 Alberto Lessan, Jacopo Bracco, Thomas Pepino, Mattia Venir, Davide Minervini, Emilia Sanna


BLAARCHITETTURA is an international architecture firm based in Turin, Italy.
They have a second branch in Italy (Cuneo), and a third in Brooklyn, NY, USA.
Since 2011 it has worked in the field of Architecture, Urbanism, Big Exhibitions and Interior Design.
Works of Blaarchitettura are published on international magazines and journals as “Domus”, “Platform”, “Abitare”, “The Plan”, “Perspective".
They firmly believe that Architecture is the assembly and composition of elements and functions in the three dimensions.
The team is founded in 2011 by Alberto Lessan and Jacopo Bracco and is currently completed by Cristina Cimarusti (USA), Davide Minervini, Thomas Pepino, Alessandro Stante, Eugenia Macchia, Egle Tavolaro, Alberto Cout, Eudes Margaria, Jessica Marsengo.

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