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Vanke Cloud Mansion, the exploration to the jiangnan culture

Walton Design & Consulting Engineering Co.

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Walton Design & Consulting Engineering Co.

The Cloud Mansion project is located at Qinglong Lake area, Fengtai District, Beijing City, this project occupies 2850㎡ land, and the building area is 900㎡. The main city road is located in the north of the base, and the Qinglong Lake scene is located at 300m of the west. The scene resources are very rich.
【Perceive the Jiangnan culture】
Cloud Mansion project is our exploration to the Jiangnan culture and shows Jiangnan culture morbidezza.
The space plan refers to the construction method of Jiangnan park. The middle stationary pond acts as the center in virtual space, the space such as gallery, bridge beam and stone path are alternately used around the stationary water and are hierarchical. The building is built around rivers, the air light and cloud color are reflected on the river surface to extend the scene space and generate limitless space feeling.
【Richness and Fineness】
Cloud Mansion buildings extract traditional building signs from the Jiangnan folk houses, and pursue for Jiangnan aesthetics and whole freehand brushwork. E.g. simple and elegant color, hard mountain top and Ren-shaped line, and high and low eave. Pain persons similar to actual size, e.g. grid rainshed at the group entrance have heavy projection and the flower window shadow wall of the courtyard wall at the building entrance renders layered space. We add decorative components with woody feeling for building façade, which can bring warmness to the color and does not lose natural feeling. The hierarchical tone sets the white wall, builds systematic design language with rich connotations, makes buildings have rich Jiangnan flavor, and clearly expresses seclusion, poetic features and artistic conception of Jiangnan buildings in the north.
The pink black is a distinct features of Jiangnan traditional buildings. Such black and white color becomes the proper “plain appearance” of Jiangnan traditional buildings and is suitable for disposition and romantic charm of the Jiangnan region of rivers and lakes.
【Building and Nature】
The building is the carrier to understand the nature. The pink wall is beautiful. After the tree shadow is projected, it will intelligently become transparent and lighter gray on the white canvas. The lattice window and moon gate become the frame to decorate the natural scene. The simple, elegant and transparent buildings coexist with the nature. We replace traditional vocabularies with simple components and materials by combining the modern building process and taste. The perfect combined living mode of the nature and humanity is built in exploration of tradition, modernization, inheritance and innovation.


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Fan Li has studied and worked in France for more than 20 years. He has been in charge of design and completed many projects. For example, Forum des Halles Commercial Complex in Paris, Galerie Lafayette Maison, Rosny 2 shopping mall in Paris, Centre Euralille commercial complex in Lille, Les Atlantes Commercial Center in Tours, Centr'Azur Commercial Center in Toulon, And PARQUE NASCENTE commercial complex in Porto, Portugal. He has a profound understanding of Chinese and Western culture, pursues the integration of modern design and traditional culture, and pays attention to the harmony between architecture and nature. Primary partners after to China, as a large design institute, vice President, design director, presided over complete works include: Beijing fine jade garden club, Beijing sunshine 878 business park, tianjin bridge park bridge cultural museum, langfang Wan Zhuang sustainable eco-city, etc.

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