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Jumping out of the conventional housing with Hangyuanli Residence

gad · line+ studio

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gad · line+ studio

The project is adjacent to the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, and belongs to the core business district of main urban area of Hangzhou. The entire area consists of ten high-rise buildings, providing 537 residential units in the high-density environment in the heart of Hangzhou's main city. For a piece of land that represents the origin and root of the city, the imitation or translation of the symbolic level of the architectural form will only exacerbate the aesthetic fatigue. So for this project, the architects try to jump out of the conventional housing orthogonal language system, respond with a future-oriented attitude, present new possibilities of future human settlement in this natural city with light and dynamic anti-gravity architectural vocabulary.

The design injects new content from the aspects of city symbols, humanistic customization and civilization renewal, takes the concept of “superfluid” and "time-space travel of a drop of water" as the creative inspiration, and presents the contemporary architecture with oriental charm by the fluidity, inclusiveness and carrying capacity of water.

On the facade, standardized prefabricated components are used to realize the iconic rounded curve of the iPhone. The facade of the building is like a digital full-screen splicing, which shows the contemporary trend of scientific and technological aesthetics. The corner balcony design not only gives people an extended viewing space, but also forms a transparent corner interface on the facade, which reduces the volume of the building, and combines with the rounded lines to shape an elegant outline of the building, producing the characteristics of the overall flow and lightness.

The future community is a multi-scale fusion of people, architecture, and the city. In terms of the architectural form, Hangyuanli creates highly recognizable value with subversive facade language and friendly architectural expressions; in terms of the architectural function, the controllable types of units are square and ventilated, while leaving room for extension and adapting to future residential life styles; in terms of the community environment, it focuses on the personalized design of the node space to stimulate its human and social attributes, rather than the low-level aggregation of the individuals; in terms of the city, Hangyuanli will become a new business card to refresh the imagination of beautiful housing.

The future community should respond to people’s pursuit of health, comfort, safety and personalized beautiful life, and create the sense of recognition and belonging through the aesthetics, space and humanistic features created by architecture.


 SUNAC Southeastern Region Group
 gad · line+ studio
 Fanhao Meng, Mingsong Zhu, Tao Tao, Chao Zhou, Chunle Miao, Guangwei Huang, Shu Xing, Yuncheng Wan, Hanqi Zhang, Dan Tu, Chenlu Wei, Yaxian Sun
 gad · line+ studio


gad · line+ studio is an international innovative design studio founded by Meng Fanhao and Zhu Peidong in China. “line” is the boundary, based on architectural design. “+” aims to break through the clear boundaries of traditional industry and use cross-border thinking as a way to realize the boundless integration of planning, architecture, interior, landscape, operation and other fields. By adapting diverse strategies, we look forward to share the value of design with our partners. From the shaping of urban space to the revitalization of rural civilization, line+ always insists on critical thinking, builds design works rooted in regional and cultural characteristics, and responds to and interprets the diverse connotations of contemporary culture. Under the premise of ensuring high-quality completion, we deeply explore the potential value under business logic, and strive to become a ferryman between culture and commerce.

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