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Guiyang Vanke Lake View, buildings of “this time and this place”

Walton Design & Consulting Engineering Co.

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Walton Design & Consulting Engineering Co.

This project is located at the Economic Development Zone, Guiyang city, Guizhou province. The Guanhu Demonstration Zone has 2570m2 building area, occupies 13100 m2 land, and is neighbored with the main urban road in the east and with the reservoir scene in the west. There are extensive green mountains and green grass around it.
This design idea is rooted at distinct scene conditions of the project land. This design properly builds the ambiance of the commercial street, seeks harmony and coexistence of buildings and environment, and makes buildings and spaces of “this time and this place”.
Space streamline of mountains and rivers in this project area and scene change with movement
The demonstration area is distributed in a L-shaped settlement manner around the water scene and space experiences are enriched by properly sparse and dense enclosing and guidance of several building blocks and combining design methods such as scene change with movement. The demonstration area is entered from tranquil forest roads. The mountain and river frame scene like picture scroll leaps to the eyes where the path winds along mountain ridges. Here a visitor enters the commercial street. After the visitor experience rich building expressions in walking, you arrive at the building sale office. Visitors can appreciate residential environment of green mountains and green water in a large area at the building sale office. The visitor passes by the scene path and returns to the template room in the south of the exhibition area. A visitor always walks through the mountains and rivers.
Exquisite, pure, brief and introverted building language
The building language is combined with the regional culture, the design idea stems from the slope roof of traditional civil houses in Guizhou province and fluctuating natural profile of surrounding mountains. The building language does not sedulously pursue novelty. The design initially expects that architectural complex can naturally integrate into the surrounding mountains and waters. Besides respect for the nature scene, performance of buildings cannot be matched with surrounding beautiful mountain and rivers.
Design explains the building spirit by using modern materials and process, metal materials, beige stone, glass curtain wall with warm tone are mainly used, and building materials such as rippled plate and U glass are used for local area. They are brief, bright, pure and transparent, and can improve the design delicacy and visual purity.


 Walton Design & Consulting Engineering Co., Ltd.


Fan Li has studied and worked in France for more than 20 years. He has been in charge of design and completed many projects. For example, Forum des Halles Commercial Complex in Paris, Galerie Lafayette Maison, Rosny 2 shopping mall in Paris, Centre Euralille commercial complex in Lille, Centr'Azur Commercial Center in Toulon, And PARQUE NASCENTE commercial complex in Porto, Portugal. She has a profound understanding of Chinese and Western culture, pursues the integration of modern design and traditional culture, and pays attention to the harmony between architecture and nature. Primary partners after to China, as a large design institute, vice President, design director, presided over complete works include: Beijing fine jade garden club, Beijing sunshine 878 business park, vanke Vernon town, etc. Through space design, to provide people with a pleasant living environment, and even influence and improve people's lifestyle, this is the goal that Fan Li is committed to pursue.

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