A++ Human Sustainable Architecture - Maximum privacy and visual channels in Ra Curta Residenze
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Maximum privacy and visual channels in Ra Curta Residenze

A++ Human Sustainable Architecture

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A++ Human Sustainable Architecture
The project of the Ra Curta residences arises from the shape of the land on which it stands. The emerging architectural elements follow the natural morphological elements of the lot, so that the project is strongly rooted in the context, in balance with its surroundings, the translation of the blocks to the valley and the different heights lie harmoniously on the natural ground, designed to ensure maximum privacy and visual channels to the lake.
Study of details is the core of the design choices: it can be seen from the shape and care of the building elements, from the sun screens that become decorative elements that dialogue with the design of the fences, the structure of the pillars and the design of windows and lights, as well as the study of internal spaces both common and private, designed to achieve maximum living comfort and design level.
The 4 blocks that mirror each other, accentuating symmetries and proportions, are crossed by two staircases that become urban connections between the streets of Montagnola.
Large terraces come out of the ground like horizontal blades whose edges are made from different materials that form suspended frames and light eaves. Particular attention was paid to the brightness, maintaining however, a high level of privacy. The result is fully glazed living areas and well-lit sleeping areas.

Construction main features:

Innovation: The entire building complex is designed to meet the highest saving criteria energy. The building is certified according to the cantonal energy certification of the buildings (CECE). The renewable energy in the building will be used for heating. ground (geothermal probes), while the high level of external insulation combined with gentle ventilation with heat recovery will ensure low energy consumption.

environmental qualities and sustainability: The morphological conformation of the hillside sediments and the design principle of integrating the buildings as much as possible into the existing land has meant that different parts of the building are semi-buried. This will result in a total excavation volume of about 15,000 cubic meters. The construction of the two blocks in stages will make it possible to reduce the transport of material to the landfill and to use the excavation material of the second stage for the necessary fillings.

Integration in its environment and benefits to the community: In designing the spaces, account was taken of the conditions laid down in the SIA 500 standard "Construction without obstacles" and, in addition to the presence in the garage of 1 motulese parking space, all the steps were eliminated by connecting each level of the dwellings with lifts that can be used with wheelchairs. The paths and corridors are horizontal and have a minimum width of 120 cm, all doors have a minimum width of 80 cm and in each unit there is a large bathroom service accessible by wheelchair.


 Montagnola, Collina d’oro
 5300 mq
 Paolo Colombo, Carlo Colombo
 A++ Team
 Abacho SA
 Giacomo Carena


A++, founded in 2006, is the international recognized brand through which ARCH GROUP communicate its work.The group is a multi-disciplinary organization made of companies creates to target all aspects that affect the space in HUMAN:from product design to communication, from architecture to interiors, from development to procurement.We work in more than 10 countries all around the world in different types of project. Our strength and growth as a global firm provides one further important benefit.
A++ is a vibrant,diverse firm working across four Regions,yet scale alone isn’t our strength.
We’re united by a common ethos, enduring values and a desire to harness our global expertise for the benefit of the people and communities we work for. Our vision is independent from the work of the individual rather seeking the active collaboration of all,in a creative process where ideas can flow freely through cultural barriers and gain from the commingling of diverse disciplines and techniques.



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