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Terrazza Martini, protagonist of the history of italian costume

Il Prisma

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Il Prisma
How can we revive the allure of an older lady?

The Terrazza Martini in Milan reopens on the occasion of its 60th anniversary: an iconic place, protagonist of the history of Italian costume.
In the design entrusted to Il Prisma many elements recall the years in which the Terrazza hosted the greats of the cinema, literature, art, dance and music. Here the celebrations of international stars and the preview of the film marked an era, starting from Federico Fellini's Dolce Vita.
From the very beginning, the restyling project respected the heritage of the place, inspired by the original project of the Architect Tommaso Buzzi (1958) with a contemporary reinterpretation of the materials of the past.
Each element has been studied to tell a story, to enhance the privileged point of view on Milan and to celebrate the aperitivo, the best moment of the day dedicated to sharing and enjoying togetherness.
On the 3 floors of the Tower of Piazza Diaz, the Martini brand and its identity are revealed through an immersive experience created by materials to be discovered, interactive walls and optical illusions that involve the senses and curiosity of visitors.
The name of the concept that encloses the design is "The View Finder" and is inspired by the viewfinder, the tool that the film director uses to choose the best point of view and the right shot. In planning, in fact, the intent was to enhance this privileged glimpse of the city of Milan and to point out unexpected points of view, on the city, the history and the Brand.
The guest is invited to live a unique and multi-sensory experience, in a tailor-made environment, inspired by the warm tones of sunset, the typical moment of the aperitivo, and the cold ones of marbles and stones that refer to the Milan Cathedral and its square.
The big news of the Terrazza is the Business Center on the 14th floor: a fluid space, ideal for welcoming corporate customers and anyone looking for an exclusive and flexible space in which to work, organize events and meetings. A place that reflects Martini's commitment, since 1968, to Formula 1.
On the 15th floor, the spaces are transformed into a new cocktail bar and a large scenic and flexible lounge area, designed to be adapted to one’s needs. The system of sliding brass-plated metal curtains, together with the light settings, allows you to always create different configurations. At the entrance, there is an iconic curtain consisting of three layers, each containing a part of the Martini logo. The complete form of the brand emerges from the perfect overlap of the levels.
The chandelier of the central bar, still on the fifteenth floor, is instead a unique piece that has been reproduced exclusively for the inauguration of Terrazza Martini. It is composed of brass and led stems through which, thanks to an optical illusion, the brand logo is represented – but only from a precise angle.
The original lost “red marble of France” that covered this floor of the Terrace is recalled in the new project by the “Seminato”. A pavement of the ancient tradition reinterpreted in a contemporary key. Brass inserts embedded in the pavement lead to the most unconventional points of discovery of the space.
Rhubarb, scabiosa, coriander, gentian are merely an anticipation of the long list of the most sought-after botanicals that make up the disclosed Martini ingredients, like rotating pieces of a puzzle, on the Discovery Wall made of canaletto walnut and brass.
The mobile parts make up the shape of the Martini logo, and every piece contains stylized drawings either of the officinal plant or of the cocktail recipes.
The Discovery Wall is flexible in design and modular in its application; every piece of the Martini logo can be personalized for the occasion and recreated in infinite compositions to be revealed during special events.
The 16th floor, the top level with an outdoor terrace, had the ambition to arrive even higher, offering an even more exclusive view that embraces the entire city and the Milan Cathedral. A new panoramic platform has been created that recalls the ancient catwalk built in the 1960s. The breathtaking view from the Top Roof Bar is an unrepeatable experience, and is the perfect place to celebrate the aperitivo moment, the modern ritual of socializing.
A botanical garden collects the essences used in Martini cocktails with aromatic plants from which the essences originate. Lemon balm, peppermint, hypericum are just some of the plants inserted in the green spaces of the outdoor terrace. The same scents of the essences are found in the Martini bar inside the Serra, the glass structure of the previous project still preserved today.
On the traces of the original staircase crossed by the "personalities" of the last 60 years, a "time capsule" has been created. An immersive place with a strong emotional value, where the famous characters who have been part of the history of the Terrace are recalled.
Today the new concrete and brass staircase is repositioned nearby, to connect all three levels of the terrace. Going through it you can admire the graphics created ad hoc by the illustrator and cartoonist Alessandro Giorgini, that celebrate the ritual of the Martini aperitivo.


 Martini & Rossi Spa
 1144 mq
 Il Prisma
 Client Leader: Stefano Carone - Team Leader: Michele Pini - Business developer Destination: Viola Ladjeri - Designer: Gaetano Auricchio, Alessia Rinaldi - Architect: Roberta Mazzoni, Alessandra Giorgino - Experience designer: Giulia Bigaro - Graphic designer: Lorenzo Rollo - Strategist: Ottavia Pelloni
 Il Prisma
 Ing. Massimo Corbella (VVF), Studio associato D2 (coordinamento per la sicurezza), Ing. Fabio Rusconi (strutture), In-visible lab (lighting), Quintostudio (scala e arredi su disegno), Effebi (arredi su disegno)
 Angelo Po, Nexus, On off, Arrmet, Ditre Italia, Florim, Porcelanosa, Ifi, Kriska Decor, Martex, Cea, Pedrali, Vitra, Colori Project, Oikos Frangrances, Ecocontract
 Vito Corvace


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