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Spa Halekulani, the philosophy of "timeless elegance"


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Hotel Halekulani Spa is located in Okinawa, one of Japan's leading resort areas, near the beautiful Inbu Beach. Inheriting the philosophy of "timeless elegance" with the "calm and peaceful hospitality" of the Halekulani Hotel, which has a long history in Hawaii. This hotel sits among large trees, which contrast the beautiful Okinawan ocean, allowing guests to fully enjoy a bliss, peaceful time.

The spa is located in the middle of the hotel, which consists of several buildings, the entrance and hydrotherapy are on the ground floor, with a treatment rooms and relaxation areas on the upper floors.
Stepping into the spa entrance from the corridor, where the strong Okinawan sunshine shines, allows guests to find a space of restrained light and silence.
The design of the ceiling, inspired by the movement of waves moving on the surface of the sea, dynamically washes over the space and invites guests to enjoy the beauty of the ocean when inside. The gentle overall color palette is inspired by the beautiful white shells which can be seen in the sand on the beach, consisting of mild tones and opaque colors. The welcome drinks are served in traditional Okinawan traditional (yachimun) made exclusively for the hotel, and the blue that appears at the bottom of the pottery when drinking it up expresses the color of the ocean of Okinawa.
From the lounge to the changing area, the light intensity is reduced to gradually soothe the mind and body, which are excited by outdoor activities. Hydrotherapy, which relieves tension before the treatment, allows guests to soak themselves in an ample sized bath filled with natural Okinawan hot spring water. For both men and women, the bathtub faces the courtyard where natural light enters, so guests can spend time before the therapy enjoying the soft sunlight, the breeze, or the sound of rain falling on the basin of the courtyard during the rainy seasons. The men have a dry sauna, and the women have a steam sauna and an experience shower with a flexible amount of water. These facilities will gradually ease the guest’s daily fatigue.
When returning to the lounge again with the body warmed from hydrotherapy, guests are soothed again due to the differences in the intensity of light. The decoration on the wall that draws an arc receives the light of the space and shines quietly like the glitter of the ripples on the sea surface. Quietness and calmness, faint darkness and glitter. These elements are important design elements that constitute the space of Halekulani Spa.
As guests walk up the spiral staircase made of warm wood from the dark lounge, they will be guided to the treatment room from the corridor where the amount of light is further reduced. Guests will be ushered into one of the five exclusive treatment rooms along a corridor.
Three of the rooms overlook the sea with the overflowing Okinawan sunlight, one of which is a suite with a bathroom in the room, and can accommodate two people. From the terrace, guests can feel the strong sunshine again and sense that their bodies and minds are revitalized.
On the contrary, two rooms are treatment rooms where guests can feel calmness quietly in a dark space. Both room types have a simple, timeless, high-quality design that inherits the Halekulani elegance of the original hotel, and is a place where guests can experience the calm and peace of mind that flows through the spa. The relaxation room, where guests can rest after all the treatments, has a terrace overlooking the beautiful sea, and a quiet area where guests can enjoy post-treatment time quietly. There is a seasonal flower on the bedside and post-treatment tea served in yachimun pottery, for guests to enjoy. Amenities, artwork and pottery, which were chosen to give each guest the experience of "the air of Okinawa," are used.
In the air of Okinawa, which is separated from the hustle and bustle of the city, is a unique experience for guests to enjoy a special and relaxed time. "A healing time, drifting in the glitter of the ripples" is expressed as a consistent concept from the entrance through to the final relaxation moment.


 Onna Village, Kunigami County, Okinawa
 Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.
 1100 mq
 Nikken Sekkei Ltd.
 Nacása & Partners Inc.


Originally established as the interior design department of NIKKEN SEKKEI LTD,
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