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China’s eastern aesthetics: Seclusion in Oriental Cloud - Mo House

Wuxi Guan Dian Design

Hospitality / Completed
Wuxi Guan Dian Design

This project aims to recreate China’s eastern aesthetics, integrate local culture in quality hotel life, and provide one-stop travel, living, night stay, tour and recreation services in the hotel. The residence is restored of its original pattern and style. The spatial layout in the first place retains its architectural rhythm. The halls, chambers, galleries and well are so laid out that each step forward reveals a new view; and the courtyard is again the hearth of daily living, reading, dining, drinking, meeting and partying.
Behind an ancient style wooden gate is a century-old house, now restored and used as a Chinese parlor. Skylights are made in the roof, and curtains are arranged as to let in sunlight to dispel the gloom. In the courtyard, life elements “five feels six senses” are placed as oriental aesthetics in the hotel scenarios to represent the host’s life attitude and philosophy. Each guestroom has an original name, and its unique Zen ambiance tells about people’s dream of courtyard life.
The yard is the most wonderful place of this century-old house. In the spring, the courtyard is full of flowers of locust trees. In the summer, the lounge chair will be brought to the yard. The birds and the sunset will come to visit in the lapse of time ... Social activities, about 80 themed events, will take place here throughout the year, and people come here to read poetry and paintings, taste tea in the aroma of incense, play Qin whilst the wine is cooked, and listen to enlightening lectures; when night falls, what may be waiting for you is a Mo House private banquet. The chef will prepare delicate and light food in advance. Each kind of ingredients and every utensil are unique. When the wine collides with the aroma, when the piano sounds, everyone sits together, toasts with like-minded people, or walks to the courtyard to listen to the insects at the treetops at night. In Conggui Studio, which advocates sharing, books on design, history and culture and the host’s private collection of curios from his travels are displayed on shelves; and Wen Chuang Ya Ji, the collection of cultural creations, takes a separate space, where you will find boccaro teapots, clay figurines and other artistic works by masters. When the night falls, you may expect the Mo’s private banquet, where each ingredient and utensil is unique in itself. This is the place to enjoy quietness in a busy world, like a great helmet staying away from the world right in the heart of the world.
It’s more than a hotel for travelers. It accommodates all the best in people’s daily life, and brings to users a wonderful space as well as a relaxed, unaffected and diverse experience.


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 Wuxi Guan Dian Design
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This is a "space design + culture life" innovation factory, and a collection of cultural creativity, industry planning, space design and the dormitory design as one of the complex ecological company over the years. The practice have been in the hotel spa home stay real estate business, and other areas of the interior design, to explore to create the space & aesthetic works.

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