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Primary School "Am Jungfernsee", a place with high amenity value

SEHW Architektur GmbH

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SEHW Architektur GmbH
Urban planning
The new primary school occupies the northern part of the property and formulates a unique address for Fritz-von-der-Lancken-Strasse. The 3 wings of the building ensure clear assignments in the outside area and interlock the building with the surroundings. At the same time, the building figure ensures effective use of the available property. To the north, the offset of the cubature creates a spacious forecourt, which is an appropriate welcome to the building. At the same time, the district is offered a place with high amenity value. The angle of the building to the southeast flanks and protects the school playground. The three parts of the building dissolve the total volume and ensure that the structure is scaled into the historical surroundings of the former barracks. The two-storey building ensures a reluctance towards the listed environment.

The building
The clear exterior structure continues inside the building. A spacious foyer follows the main entrance. The foyer houses the main access and is also a place for communication and a meeting point for the students. From here all parts of the building can be found and reached quickly. Very short distances are created for teachers and students. The multipurpose room is located directly next to the foyer and flows smoothly into the green outdoor area of the school yard. The day care functions are arranged around the central multi-purpose room and are also well connected to the outdoor facilities. The remaining rooms used by the day care center are located together with the administration in the western part of the ground floor. The sports hall can be seen from the foyer in the southern wing of the building. The three cluster areas, the home areas of the students, are clearly arranged on the upper floor. The rooms of a cluster are grouped around an accessible and green inner courtyard. The clusters thus have good exposure and enable easy orientation for the school children. In the center of the upper floor, the shared functions can be reached quickly by everyone.

The cluster units are designed as independent room groups. The individual classes and group rooms are arranged around green courtyards. This ensures good exposure and easy orientation. The group rooms can be extended to the corridor. Various flexible spatial constellations and visual relationships create areas for differentiated learning and support options. Wider hall zones in the center of the cluster can be used as a communication room, meeting point or individual learning area. The assigned courtyard serves as a reference to the outside area. The rooms in double use with the day care center have a direct connection to the ground floor via the stairs in the cluster.


 Kommunaler Immobilien Service (KIS) als Eigenbetrieb der Landeshauptstadt Potsdam
 8461 mq
 SEHW Architektur GmbH
 Prof. Xaver Egger, Dipl. - Ing. Architekt Hendrik Rieger, Dipl. - Ing. Architekt Gerald Krüger, Dipl. - Ing. Architektin Andrea Varel and Tatiana Trindade
 Landscape Architects: Landschaftsarchitektur, Potsdam; Structural engineering: Günther-Ingenieure, Dresden ; Structural engineer: Wetzel & von Seht, Hamburg;
 Fire protection: IBU, Brandenburg/Havel
 Philipp Obkircher


Stone or glass, box or blob, metal or wood, straight or round – these are not the considerations which motivate us, but rather the constant search for an answer to the questions of how people will live in the future and how we translate this creatively.
SEHW was founded in 1996 and the brand consists of multiple internationally operating companies. Hendrik Rieger and Prof. Xaver Egger are the CEOs of SEHW Architektur GmbH in Berlin.
In addition to genuine architecture services, SEHW is involved in general planning and project development. The company focusses on public buildings as well as offices, hotels and buildings for the real estate economy.
Many SEHW projects have been awarded architectural prizes during the last years. Among others, SEHW’s educational buildings received the BUILD AWARD Best Educational Facility Design – Germany in 2017. In 2018 the Shared Living-project was awarded the AIT Award in the category “future living models”.


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