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the concept of cloud flocculation, Jiunvfeng Study On Mount Tai

gad · line+ studio

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gad · line+ studio
The project task is to build a public cultural building on the rocky and exposed mountains in northern China, which can be used for reading, rest and exhibition in the future. It is located in Daiyue District, Tai’an City, adjacent to the Shenlong Grand Canyon, with Mount Tai, the top of the five sacred mountains, in the east. After surveying the site, the architect envisages to respond to the magnificent waves of Mount Tai's cloud sea with the architectural form of "a floating cloud wadding hovering in the mountains". In this simplest way, it can be attributed to nature and coexist with nature.

For the shaping of the concept of cloud flocculation, we hope to highlight the following key words: floating, light and transparent. The building form can be divided into three parts from top to down: the white “cloud body”, transparent glass and thick rubble wall base. The floating volume in the shape of hourglass follows the trend of the mountain, and the curved corridor also naturally transits the dynamic and static public area from the plane. The transverse base structure shrinks to a maximum extent, with balconies extending on each side, creating a sense of suspension. The steel system and the membrane structure are solid, reliable and lightweight, with a natural curve at the top of the slope to outline a light and stretched shape. Large-scale frameless glass windows accommodate external flowing scenery, transparent strip-shaped glass windows form ambiguous borders, and the thick masonry wall pedestals that are built artificially reflect locality.

In order to maintain the integrity and purity of the membrane surface on the top of the room, we chose the ground air system. The main air duct under the floor is hidden in the side close to the rubble wall, and the branch pipe is upturned inside the ring beam, connecting the ribbon outlet through the cavity between the floor and the surface. While satisfying the requirement of air volume, the overall height of the outer edge of aluminum plate is reduced to the maximum extent, so as to ensure the light floating effect of the building. At night, the whole curved inner membrane radiates evenly, and the light escapes from the high windows between the stone walls and the membrane surfaces. It looks like a cloud with halo from the distance.

The building will be the first public cultural building in this area, which will promote the development of tourism industry and promote the revitalization of the countryside, and inject the cultural energy in line with the times into the village first. Integrate the new way of adapting to the modern times into the local culture can a living village have cultural significance and develop healthily. A living village is of cultural significance only when a new way adapted to the modern times is integrated into the local culture and made to develop healthily.


 Lushang Pusu (Tai’an) Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd.
 287.3 mq
 gad · line+ studio
 Fanhao Meng, Min Zhu, Erjia Zhang, Hao Xu (architecture); Xin Jin, Jinwei Hu, Xinyi Zhou (interior); Shangyang Li, Jianbo Jin, Xiaomei Chi (landscape)


gad · line+ studio is an international innovative design studio founded by Meng Fanhao and Zhu Peidong in China. “line” is the boundary, based on architectural design. “+” aims to break through the clear boundaries of traditional industry and use cross-border thinking as a way to realize the boundless integration of planning, architecture, interior, landscape, operation and other fields. By adapting diverse strategies, we look forward to share the value of design with our partners. From the shaping of urban space to the revitalization of rural civilization, line+ always insists on critical thinking, builds design works rooted in regional and cultural characteristics, and responds to and interprets the diverse connotations of contemporary culture. Under the premise of ensuring high-quality completion, we deeply explore the potential value under business logic, and strive to become a ferryman between culture and commerce.


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