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Clever water rhyme, Yuexiu Selene Isle 1026


Culture  /  Completed
Water, the root of all life, nourishes everything in the world. This project is adjacent to the river, and the designer absorbs the spirit of water to create a tranquil place floating on the river.The project is located at the northeast side of xinguang bridge, nanzhou road, haizhu district, guangzhou, at the southern end of the city's central axis and the intersection of the back channel of the pearl river.
Through the interpretation of the site, the designer tries to interpret the connection between region, space and life aesthetics in an inclusive way, and takes this as the original intention of the design and the focus of the design.'clever water rhyme' has become the main theme of the design, and the ethereal temperament is injected into the space. In addition, the extreme contemporary design language and abstract art aesthetics will also be integrated into the space in a unique way.Architecture and landscape floating along the river also bring unusual scenery to the whole space, slowly entering the interior along the waterscape, smooth curve like gentle touch the earth, the perception of people and nature in an instant and mutual infection, the quiet atmosphere spread and open.
The two oval roofs are supported by columns and transparent glass curtain wall, which also forms people's initial impression of the space. Open-minded volume, transparent and bright outline, the soft beauty of water runs through them.

Light and shadow through the glass curtain wall, by the water scenery, more vivid space.The flowing corridor, in the midst of skimming, also runs through various Spaces. Here, white is full of rhythmic beauty, rich and vivid.The corridor is extremely concise, this kind of acme is the interweave of white and light and shadow, pass the superposition of different arc, lightly dance between, compose the hymn that gives a space.Natural elements, with their charm, and give designers a constant source of inspiration.Make the space experience manifest and respond to the natural environment, increasing people's desire to explore and experience.After the washing of the life, luxurious life is not only to the valuable decorations such as a number of treasures, but also in the life of constant thinking, refining and precipitation, the integration of space and the refined pursuit of humanity, thus creating the unique elegant demeanor of the same state of mind.

Art endows the space with soul, and the abstract expression of the concept of water enhances the expressive force of the space, giving visitors more imagination and interactive experience of art.The smooth curve flows in the space, and the radial sequence is separated in the interspersed and surrounded, blurring the interface between the building and the interior, making the whole space a complete living body, bringing visitors a great visual shock with a huge sense of volume.


 468 mq


Mr. Lin graduated from the department of architecture of Shanghai university and studied architectural history in Oxford Universit International professional Awards including SBID UK Interior Design Awards, FX Interior Design Awards,Architecture and Interior Design Awards. Mr. Lin hongjun led the completion of the One Tower Bridge Wesses Duplex,Montplier Square ,17 Victoria Square,Six Senses Hotel,190 Strand,etc.



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