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Shanghai Jingan One Center, the sample project for Shibei Hi-Tech Park

Walton Design & Consulting Engineering Co.

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Walton Design & Consulting Engineering Co.
This project is the Shanghai Shibei High-Tech Service Industry Park (referred to as "Shibei High-Tech") 4# plot, located in Zhabei District of Shanghai with a total land area of approximately 315.25 hectares. It was established in 1992 with the approval of the Planning Committee of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government.
The project base is located at the east zone of Shanghai Shibei High-Tech Service Park, adjacent to pLot 14-07 in the east, Jiangchang Road in the south, Gonghexin Road in the west, and Zumatang in the north. It is only about 5km to Shanghai Railway Station, and about 17.6km to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. The project is about 800m to Pengpu Xincun Station and Wenshui Road Station of Metro Line 1.
Combined with the future development direction of the Park and the convenient transportation environment around it, how to build a modern commercial office complex with distinctive characteristics and sustainable development in such an area has become the starting point and destination of our design concept.
Shibei High-Tech Service Industry Park aims to create the pan-CBD office, production and living environment, and forms the cluster development of industries such as corporate headquarters economy, communication electronics, R&D design and service outsourcing, and actively adapts to the development demands of the settled enterprises, optimizes the supporting facilities and living facilities, improves the industrial services and platform construction, and forms the park service system of its own characteristics.
Therefore, the Park requires a lot of office space and commercial service space to meet the settlement of enterprises for forming the cluster effect. The construction of Shibei Xinzhongxin, Zhonghuan Sincere Tiandi and Greenland Central Plaza has highlighted the cluster effect in the east of the Park. The establishment of Grade A office building that meets the settlement standards of internationally renowned high-tech enterprises and the headquarters office building suitable for the introduction of the headquarters economy of world-renowned enterprises meets the overall orientation of the Park to vigorously develop the modern and productive service industry.
The objective of this project is to attract international high-end enterprises and pursue the world's leading technology, coordinates with the existing development areas, and gives full play to its own advantages, demonstrates the characteristics of the city, builds the unique and humanized spatial environment, and develops into the sample project for the development of the east area of Shibei Hi-Tech Park.


 3152500 mq
 Walton Design & Consulting Engineering Co., Ltd.


With 21 years of experience in scheme design and engineering design, he passed the assessment of national first-class registered architect in 2005. His work scope extends from scheme design to engineering design and project management.
Adhere to the residential design innovation, the courage to try the most cutting-edge scientific research technology. After years of practice, apply green simulation technology, introduced the concept of "health residential house", in the residential area planning to rizhao, noise, wind speed, wind environment during summer and winter seasons, the visibility and so on various aspects to simulate, adjust the planning and design, so as to realize residential public environment and indoor of public law and private space, and greatly improved the people's living experience.


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