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Ep-Books Taichung, if people can be surrounded by the book

Cheng Hui Hsin

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Cheng Hui Hsin
In the city with high-rise buildings, there is a paradise full of scholarly atmosphere and rich coffee. This case is located right next to the park and enjoys the beautiful scenery of the whole sea of trees. Therefore, the design of the space will make good use of this advantage. The window opening and high-handed approach will introduce greenery into the room, so that the public can enjoy the companionship of warm sun and green space.
The base is located next to the park, so design a large area of
ceiling window, let the natural light fall in the space, Arcuated bookcase design that people can be surrounded by the book, reminding people to immerse themselves in the book at all times.
The arcuated bookcases are extending from the door to the ceiling, the top ceiling is designed to opening, in order to make the space more wider and brighter .
The first bookcase is designed to short ,so when person entering the door don not feel closed at fist,the second bookcase is designed to cover the toilet, the third bookcase is designed to strengthen the overall structure and holded ceiling bookcases.

These are specially designed for its functions :
FIRST.circular arc and high ceiling
An arc-shaped bookcase has been spiraling to the ceiling, the top with an open design to make the space look more spacious and bright. Low-rise bookcases are designed to make visitors who first-time to this space to feel opened, the second floor bookcase covering the toilet to make visual beautification,
The highest bookshelf supports the ceiling bookshelf, and make the overall structure more stronger.
SECOND. the Chamber of Secrets
Inspired by Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the bookcase is designed to be rotated,
block a large space into three sites, also has the function of sound insulation.
THIRD.Promote pressureless reading
The book is divided into five categories, diet, life, travel, aesthetics and childlike fun, the first four items is the personal hobby of Wang Pin Group Dai Shengyi, he loves to travel, and learns oil painting for many years, joining children's books, in order to encourage adults Read with children, design different tables and chairs in the EP-books, You can pick a book, read in your favorite posture for full day

Book like medicine, good reading can cure the fool - Liu Xiang
The space on the first floor uses a curved interface to outline the flow of the book. The curved book wall running through the first and second floors allows people to feel the wrinkle between the book and the sea as soon as they enter the EP-BOOK.
The ring-shaped luminaire at the top of the pick-up ceiling makes more the light and shadow of the space, everyone who enters this place can leave this all behind, and immerse yourself in reading books.

Reading a good book is like going through a deep trip. In the corner of the stairwell, surrounded by books and setting book area. For example
Used of the stairs itself original line , not only can complete display these books,but alsomakes the walking process more fun. You maybe find the book which is attracting you in the corner.


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 Homeyoung interior decorating and design Ltd.


design concept
The harmonious balance of rationality and perceptualness in the character makes Director Huixin's design works often transcend the framework of gender, laying out a large and neat line pattern, but taste the subtleties and feel the delicate and soft content. To the finish.
In the field of interior design for many years, they have always adhered to the philosophy of returning to zero, such as the curiosity and knowledge of newborns, continued to absorb more creative thinking, ruminated into the design nutrients of each case, the static space and the dynamic occupants, two Integrated into a perfect interactive body.
Related experience
  With many years of rich practical experience, he set up Hongshang Interior Decoration Design Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Tengfeng Interior Design Company in Taipei and Shanghaiand recently won the A’design Award in Italy for two gold and one silver, and the US Muse Design Award for both platinum and silver.


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