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J. J. Pan & Partners

In the age of IOT, logistical facilities such as warehouses have become a new building typology and thus new architecture solution needs to be developed. The project for Ally Logistics Property, one of Taiwan's leading logistics solutions provider, establishes a new standard for warehouse design and construction.

Given that the traditional horizontal configuration with perimeter circulation is not feasible due to the limited site area, the warehouse program is vertically stacked in three stories. The combined volume is then shifted apart to create a central loading area on the second floor that is connected to the ground level and third floor loading bays via two 120m ramps. The result is a uniquely arranged yet highly efficient facility layout.

The design approach to the façade seeks to reduce the visual impact of the large static volumes while conveying the sense of speed of the passing high-speed trains. More than a skin-deep effect, the building’s visual identity is a direct reflection of the exterior wall construction which utilizes precast concrete panels and insulated metal siding installed at 60 degrees. Windows, louvered openings and even balconies are integrated within the system. Visually, the subtle variations of the concrete panels contrast nicely with the strong diagonal barcode pattern of the baked metal panels to compose an overall twill appearance. The barcode pattern also represents the flow of information in the age of IoT.
Furthermore, two strategically located slanted open staircases punctuate the east and west elevations.
The stairs employ treads of metal grating that allow visual connection which reinforce the notion of movement. Taken together, the various elements develop a dynamic richness that is seldom achieved in present day logistical facilities.

The use of precast hollow core concrete wall panels on the lower two floors also allows the project to go further than the typical metal shed construction, with the benefit of enhanced security, fire safety and thermal insulation. The enhanced construction materials and methods lead to saving in terms of insurance, operations and maintenance. Other environmental design features include low-power consuming LED lighting, high-efficiency HVAC systems and rainwater collection.

In conclusion, the project has set a new standard for logistical facilities both in terms of design and construction.


 Taoyuan City
 Cathay Life Insurance, Ally Logistic Property
 J. J. Pan & Partners
 Joshua J. Pan, Mitchell C.S. Huang, Chao-Yi Chen, Ady Tsai, Po-Yang Lin, Teng-Mao Huang, Pei-Shan Chang
 Xu Yuan Construction Co., Ltd.
 Envision Engineering Consultants, Cozeta Energy Service, GoTA envelope consultant
 Wei-Shih Hsieh


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