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Warft Treuberg on the Langeness halligen

blauraum Architekten

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blauraum Architekten
Surrounded by, and at times even flooded by the sea, the halligen – small marsh islands without protective dykes – lie within a biosphere protected as a UNESCO World Heritage site in the North-Frisian Wadden Sea. Owing to their exposed situation in the Wadden Sea, the halligen and their inhabitants are particularly affected by rising sea levels and storm surges. The new development of Warft Treuberg is designed to cope with these special conditions.
It fulfils several roles at the same time: it is a home and a protected fortress, a workplace and a place of relaxation. The development includes a general store supplying the daily needs of the halligen residents and holidaymakers, a health centre, permanent residences, and the two works units of the municipality and the coastal protection authority.

A biosphere reserve is a model region initiated by UNESCO in which sustainable development is to be carried out with regard to ecology, economy and social responsibility. As a development zone, the inhabited halligen are a model region in which tests are carried out to find out how man can today still work sustainably and live well in the grown cultural landscape.

As an off-grid ensemble, Warft Treuberg sets new benchmarks for sustainability and energy efficiency. The components used are efficient, robust and reliable. Red-coloured photovoltaic and solar thermal panels are installed on the south-facing roofs and supply the off-grid buildings. Heat to the Warft is supplied by a large geothermal system. Wastewater is treated in a holistic way, thus conserving drinking water as a resource and, at the same time, using it to generate energy. The shape of the roofs is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional thatched roofs. Materials have been selected with a view to longevity and robustness. As a renewable raw material, timber is used for the substructure of the roof and facade. The external skin is finished with red clinker tiles.

The tiles give the buildings a uniform appearance, whilst also making use of the well-known benefits of a tiled facade. The ensemble is given a succinct, contemporary appearance and at the same time, with the hand-moulded tiles, connects up to traditional regional building styles.

For these reasons, the buildings of the new Warft Treuberg move together like sheep on a meadow, forming a coherent ensemble. This cohesion is emphasised by a shared roof, which makes sure that the inhabitants can communicate safely also in bad weather.
In order to minimise exposure to the weather, all buildings are oriented from east to west. This leads to an arrangement around the new focal point of the Warft, the Treuberghof, which can be park, public plaza and marketplace all at the same time. It forms the centre of communal life on the Warft. All public spaces open out to it, making it a lively place. An exhibition on the work of the LKN offers visitors an insight into the special features of life on the hallig.


 Langeness halligen, Germany
 Gemeinde Langeneß
 2.690 mq
 blauraum Architekten GmbH
 Landscape Architect: Rabe Landschaften, Hamburg


blauraum - founded 2002 in Hamburg, Germany - is a company offering the full range from conceptual planning to realization of buildings, as well as implementing all measures of urban planning development.

While focusing on the conceptual and technical challenges incorporating the variety of strategies in the daily practice of architecture, the main objective remains the initial concept, the origin of every planning. Central to blauraum's every planning process is the closest possible transference of the original architectural concept, starting from the draft on paper as well as the virtual rendering on screen into the finalized, materialized object.

Prof. Rüdiger Ebel
founding partner

Prof. Volker Halbach
founding partner

Carsten Venus
founding partner


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