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Beijing Daxing Ecological Civilization Educaiton Park

Tingjie(Peter) Liu, Bai Jing, Shi Qian, Hu Tingjun, Dai Biao

Landscape  /  Completed
Tingjie(Peter) Liu, Bai Jing, Shi Qian, Hu Tingjun, Dai Biao
1. Narrative Space Structure
—Daxing Ecological Civilization Education Park was born in a series of changes and events in this urban-rural junction area. One form of Chinese garden painting is called hand scroll or horizontal scroll, "when one reads while rolling it from the right to left, hand scroll typically provides a pictorial analogue to the more linear or discursive experience of entering the garden through a gate shown at the beginning of the scroll walking through it and observing it principal features, and leaving through another gate at the end.

Daxing Ecological Civilization Education Park is like a slowly unfolding hand roll. From west to east, Park arranges four related gardens according to narrative logic, which are named Imagination Park, Wisdom Park, Knowing and doing under the feet Park and Endeavour Park respectively.

2. Group Grey Buildings and Places
2.1 Past & Present
—Located in the Imagination Park, Past & Present Garden is a series of continuous linear group gray building. It is consisting of Homesickness Park and Hope Corridor which are the concrete cast-in-place belt type view gray buildings. In which Homesickness Park takes "bamboo slips" as the design prototype, extracts the spatial features of Chinese traditional gardens, and creates an ornamental space. Through the picturesque description of landscape idyllic poetry, it describes the Chinese yearning landscape pastoral in detail.

2.2 Gallery Bridge of Waves
—Gallery Bridge of Waves is a kind of landscape bridges that combines steel and wood structures with two layers of the main body and three layers of the part, and next to the secondary ecological path. The lower part of the bridge is loaded with Y-shaped steel columns and welded with foundation, which is like the motion of pheasant flying; the upper part adopts the composite wood structure of heavy glued beam, wood column, local steel structure. Gallery
Bridge of Waves is the narration of spontaneous experience and association of behavior and movement of time; it is a romantic imagination after a short trip. Visitors can go to the third level of the platform through the approach bridge and the ring platform, during the changing height, walk in the forest, overlook by the hurdles, and feel the unique experience of viewing.

2.3 Sustainable Corridor
—Outside the walls of the stone cage, the four walls of Sustainable Corridor show the cycle and symbiotic process of the natural ecosystem that plants grow in earth, plants grow and nature communication, relationship of animal growth and plant, and the supplement of soil components by the remains of animals and plants under the action of organic microorganisms etc. Sustainable Corridor is a static narrative that conveys the everlasting proposition of the ecosystem that goes round in circles and continuous reproduction. In the middle of the structure there are two moose strapped with old steel hoops, roaming on the green grass far away by shallow wetlands, showing a peaceful and gentle picture of nature.

3. The End
—Daxing Ecological Civilization Education Park, which is built in the green reproduction area of the urban-rural joint area, has a linear narrative structure with the contemporary simple space shaping method to complete the functions and enlighten sublimation of the park. The grey building group is highly involved in the narration of the place. The narrative rhetoric made up of the narrative content and the formal medium of the narrative content is attempted in a more open and abstract way. This not only constructs the logic and sequence under the frame of thematic narration, but also creates a happy and romantic viewing experience, like a continuous hand scroll of garden 2 of 5 paintings, showing the unity of narration and poetry.


 Daxing district, Beijing
 141456 mq
 Tingjie(Peter) Liu
 Tingjie(Peter) Liu, Bai Jing, Shi Qian, Hu Tingjun, Dai Biao


Tingjie(Peter) Liu, Professional Master's Degree in Architecture, University of Manitoba, Canada.
Member of Royal Architectural Institute of Canada.
Registered Architect and Senior Architect in China.
Design Principal.
Over 20 Year's Experience in China and Canada. Worked in IBI Group Vancouver, DGBK Vancouver ,Raymond Wan Architect Winnipeg, etc.
Works and paper Published in Architecture & Detail, Time+ Architecture, Di Architecture, Warehouse, Architecture &Art,C3, etc.
Tingjie(Peter) Liu was Chosen As a Winner In Architectural Design / Cultural Architecture, a Winner In Landscape Architecture / Gardens, and a Winner in Landscape Architecture/Installations & structures,Landscape Architecture / Educational In the 2018 Architecture MasterPrize.



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