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Two Materials

Architect Maarten Douwe Bredero

Kitchen Design Special Contest  /  Completed
Architect Maarten Douwe Bredero
This kitchen comprises only two materials, namely dark Wengé wood (as veneer) and stainless steel. These orthogonal volumes with tiny small cylindrical shaped grips, call for a maximum of practical abstraction in form and articulation.
The compact volume is linear in configuration and is geared towards daylight coming from a back yard. Covering solely one wall, a maximum of useful storage space and working surface is realized across its entire height. Smart features like extra counter depth, minimum upper cupboard depth, a lowered stove and rotating wall facet make it practical and comfortable in use. All necessary apparatus is implemented, such as a semi-professional gas stove / electrical oven, fridge, dishwasher and micro wave oven. Effective downlights and electrical outlets are mounted mostly out of sight into the bottom side of the upper cupboard. With a dimmer the intensity of artificial working light can easily be adjusted.
More specifically, the height and depth of the counter are custom made. The extra depth of 700 mm. helps enormously in preparing food and cleaning up.
With the stove a tad lower and the cupboard above a bit higher, this duo block at its right side opens up to daylight. Cooking close to natural daylight is also advantageous. The window towards the garden can be opened, so mechanical suction of vapour while cooking turned out to be unnecessary.
The wall faucet can rotate aside making extra room for soap flacons and such. Its sturdy construction will never loosen up over time. Mounted to the backdrop, it allows extra room on the cupboard itself. With separate handles for hot and cold water, it works ideally and safely for young children.
Another feature is the minimum depth of the cupboards above. They are comfortable in use while bending over during cooking. Moreover, the cupboards features two levels, giving a surplus of storage possibilities.
The construction of the corpus is of sturdy plywood, making it invulnerable for moist.
All metal surfaces are constructed of stainless steel, including the right hand side of the cupboards, adjacent to the façade window. Only small parts of the oven are factory made of aluminium. This also includes the custom made floor surface. The intention was to make this large horizontal surface of stainless steel as well. However, the only possible plates, although demonstrating a superb patterns of nubs, unfortunately had a smooth evenly but broad lining along their edges. This would introduce a too specific rectangular pattern. With anti-slippery aluminium plates, commonly used on trucks, the desired effect of one continuing and neutral pattern was more effectively created.
Of course, stainless steel naturally has a deeper evoking lustre, but aluminium comes relatively close. The aluminium matches nicely with the adjacent Oak dining room floor.


 The Netherlands
 6 mq
 Architect Maarten Douwe Bredero Amsterdam & Deventer NL
 Architect Maarten Douwe Bredero Amsterdam, MN Interieur Deventer
 Nijboer Marienheem
 Architect Maarten Douwe Bredero


Some twenty-five years in the working method of this office for architecture, form and structural expertise fuse into a balanced contextual and spatial fit. Regardless of the scale or orientation of the intervention – public space, bridge, building, interior or furniture – the requirements in terms of human and structural behaviour, are optimally translated within the morphological and juridical framework (location, zoning plans and building legislation). Fire Safety and Durability are intertwined in each architectural assignment.



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