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Declerck-Daels architecten

Kitchen Design Special Contest  /  Completed
Declerck-Daels architecten
Living and cooking in one spacious and bright place, is the main goal of this project. And connecting the interior with the exterior.
The kitchen is not only functional, it is an integrated piece of art. Although the space remains minimalistic, the atmosphere is very rich because of the use of materials. Light penetrates from several sides and glides from the exterior wood ceiling into the kitchen. Various perspectives make the kitchen very spacious. The kitchen thereby will always remain pure and contemporary.
This new part of the house forms a strong contrast with the classic townhouse.

The long wall of the kitchen consists of a high and multifunctional cabinet, finished with a sustainable white full colour laminate. In front, a free standing and floating white sculptural volume, with stainless steel sink, finished with composite stone tablet and wooden details.

The long cabinet hides a lot of functions. Technical installations are integrated behind the wooden wall and ceiling. Like the cooker hood and integrated light . It also contains the cooking area, refrigerator, lots of storage room, oven and microwave, washing and drying machine, storage for cleaning materials, office storage, …
The ovens and washing machine area are hidden behind doors, flipping and sliding to make them only visible when used.

All materials are easy to maintain. Storage, cooking zone, preparation zone, serving zone and cleaning zone are logically organised. Every detail has been studied carefully, to be both aesthetic, functional and ergonomic. Several elements are aligned to create a pure ensemble.
It is a minimalistic design, but with the use of the natural materials it gives warmth to the hole kitchen.

The stand-alone volume contains the dishwasher, waste basket, storage and a cantilever sink
There’s a strong relation to the garden and living spaces.

The storage room can be visually separated by a light and translucent curtain.
The place is highly illuminated by the windows all around. The passage between old an new is finished by black metallic plates.

Lighting is kept very simple by inserting led light strips between the wood cladding.
This concept of simple and pure elements are found throughout the whole kitchen design. Creating a unique kitchen. Highly equipped but affordable.

Thus this kitchen is not only multifunctional, it is also a unique design for a unique family.
Not very sophisticated, nor futuristic, but a piece of art.


 52 mq
 Bernard Declerck & Annelies Deprez
 Declerck - Daels, architecten
 Philippe Descan
 Miele kitchen appliances, Egger, Print HPL Magnectico, Silestone Consentino kitchen tablet, wood ceiling thermo ayous colour Osmo basalt grey
 Tim Van de Velde Photography (picutres only for online us)


Declerck-Daels, Architecten aims to create atmospheres and living spaces in fascinating and unique concepts focusing on spaciousness and experience.
Every design is founded on the 'genius loci'.

There is an important synergy between urban design, structural and technical engineering, landscaping, architecture, interior design and arts.

Declerck-Daels, Architecten pays a lot of attention to fine details.
Their architecture and interior design is pure, rich and subtle.


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