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The project address is located in Lingzhao New Village, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. Lingzhao New Village is an old man's house built in the mid-1990s in the central area of Sanlin Town, Pudong New Area. This case is located on the first floor of the old man's house, with an area of about 48 square meters, attached courtyard and poor indoor lighting. The owner is mother and son, living with 12 cats and 1 dog. The purpose of the design is to establish an orderly mode of "people's favorite and high density mixed living", and to design a unique "cat Marseille apartment". At the same time, the design of life and game space for human and animal, mutual visibility and complementary interference. At the same time, the universality of the bottom floor of Shanghai husband's house, such as lighting and humidity, should be reasonably solved. In the ever-compressed human life, especially in crowded cities, life always requires people to give up a lot of things. At the same time, people are driven by desire to pursue larger houses, higher incomes and a more competitive circle of friends, which in turn forms an anxious daily life. But in this design, "48 square meters of high density and elegant mixing of people's favorite" conveys such an attitude: no matter in what predicament, the use of existing resources, through reasonable design can bring hope. The whole building space is like the soft body curve of animals, organizing the space through different levels of arcs. These arc paths combine the beam direction of the original building to ensure the integrity and safety of all building structures. At the same time, the arc and arch coupon also pay tribute to the classic works of Corbusier.

At the top of the entrance entrance, there is a long circular arch, and the side walls are drawn red and blue rulers according to the cat's scale. The living room combines with the integrated design of open kitchen, which enlarges the space feeling of the original living room. The living room and kitchen can be flexibly divided by the three moving doors.

Through bright colors to enrich the activity of small space, while making the space more bright and clear. The combination of three colors of red, yellow and blue harmonizes the whole space and guides the pedestrian streamline. The main color matching of the living room is yellow and blue, and it swims on the ceiling through the Yellow ribbon, emphasizing the overall arc feeling. The walls of the blue space extend from the bathroom and insert into the living room. The wall of the entrance is red, lighting up the whole living room space.

The bedroom mainly uses blue and yellow color matching, with the finished furniture matching. The secondary bedroom is designed with folding bed and platform, which provides enough storage space and more space use modes. Combined with the floating window, a super-large working table is designed to provide a comfortable chicken eating environment.


 Ms.Ning and her son Hu
 48 mq


Zhang Haiao, Doctor of Architecture, Tongji University, Assistant General Manager of Shanghai Huadu Architectural Planning and Design Co., Ltd., Director of International Institute, and First-Class National Registered Architect.

Continuous participation in Beijing Satellite TV "Warm New Home" building renovation program, and get the highest ratings of the program. Among them, "Beijing Machinery Garage Home", "Shanghai Container Home" and "Shanghai Vertical Garden" which aroused heated discussion in the network have been reproduced by "One" and other media and become phenomenal renovation projects.



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