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Quadrado is a modular wooden-latticework platform system and a mixture of materials such as straw, wood, stone and fabrics. This is the signature of our architectural projects, reapplied to the scale of the object. The piece of furniture can be used in itself or generate organic compositions for large areas. There are some accessories to be plugged in: small side tables, sun umbrellas, lighting fixtures and trays. All of these designed for outside use: feel laziness in your body, the chills that the night air brings and the earth all around you.
The Metabolist Architecture of the 50’s and 60’s was the inspiration for the system designed for Minotti with flexible structures and organic compositions. The basis, a latticework-squared wooden platform Teka with dimensions of 100 x 100 x 9.5cm, is the main module. From this base, we derive 3 pieces: module + seat / module + seat + back / module + seat + two backs.
Inspired by the classic teak duckboard used in the yachting industry to facilitate the outflow of water, was developed Quadrado, a modular system consisting of suspended square platforms that furnish outdoor spaces with exceptional lightness and flexibility.
As a new product typology, Quadrado enriches the Outdoor collection, broadening the company’s offer with a young and contemporary concept that provides new informal solutions.
The wooden bases welcome comfortable padded cushions with backrests in a special fibre woven with wicker-effect, available in Mud colour or plain Licorice colour.
The sitting elements are interspersed with wooden surfaces that feature trays or candle holders, that can be arranged as desired with a surprising interlocking effect.
A circular armchair joins this outdoor landscape characterized by its broad compositional freedom.
Quadrado collection originates from the desire to give an identity to open-air spaces, with elements of great comfort and flexibility and with continuity between in and out. The furnishings seamlessly migrate from the interiors to the exteriors, maintaining their innate elegance and high comfort, composing a living space that dialogues with the surrounding architectural and natural context. The boundaries and the fractures between indoors and outdoors have been cancelled enabling an uninterrupted landscape to take shape and allowing the full enjoyment of living en plein air.
Quadrado is a modular wooden-latticework platform system and a mixture of materials such as straw, wood, stone and fabrics.


 São Paulo
 1 mq
 Marcio Kogan
 Pedro Ribeiro . Diana Radomysler


Studio MK27 located in the chaotic city of São Paulo was founded in the late 70’s by architect Marcio Kogan and today is comprised of 30 architects and various collaborators worldwide. The architects of the team, great admirers of the Brazilian modernism generation, seek to fulfill the task of rethinking and giving continuity to this iconic architectural movement. The projects of Studio MK27 place value on formal simplicity and are elaborated with extreme care and attention to details and finishings. He leads a team of architects who, for the most part, have been working with him for over a decade. Kogan is an honorary member of the AIA (American Institute of Architecture), Professor at Escola da Cidade in São Paulo and Politecnico di Milano, considered by Época magazine as one of the 100 Most Influential persons in Brazil, is part of “Wallpaper’s 150 Famous for 15 Years”, and came in 39th in Dezeen's Hot List 2017.


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