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Linfa, Domestic Greenhouse for Robonica

Peia Associati

Industrial Design  /  Completed
Peia Associati
LINFA is a smart domestic hydroponic greenhouse that provides access to rare, healthy and high valued food, 365 days per year, without meteorological concerns and pesticide in the soil, used in every climate, with low water and electricity consumption due to the circadian LED tuneable light.

The hexagonal contour, both organic and essential, is the icon of the cell in the hive, the chemical symbol of hydrogen the double molecule essential for the chemical composition of water, and above all creates the stereo metric refraction of light and optimizes the space for growth of plants without loosing space.
Even though, a single LINFA module cannot bring self-sufficiency in terms of food to a family, it still represents a practical model for showing that self-sufficient agricultural is not a utopia and can be achieved.

The geometrical choice, visible in any science-fiction movie for visionary architecture and objects shape, offers in reality a large variety of possible compositions; standing alone on a wall or on kitchen tops, cabinets and dinning areas or as cluster of modules for a massive production, or placed randomly between empty modules to use as library and shelves to separate open spaces or along partitions. This makes LINFA suitable for every context whether for Private residential spaces, public areas, restaurants and hospitality.

LINFA has been designed with an aim to combine quality and functionality of advanced design along with the beauty and treasures of nature. The device has been developed to provide to all an access to one’s own domestic vegetable garden, overthrowing spatial barriers and competence limitations.
The plantation management is simple and present right at your fingertips. Thanks to the app ,available for any Smartphone and the invisible camera installed between the LED lights, it is possible to monitor the state and the evolution of all relevant aspects of the cultivation ambient in LINFA.
LINFA is already exposed at La Triennale di Milano and represent a small architecture, a teaser for urban farming and a model shape for future greenhouses, combining the simple shape with a advanced technologies and softwares. The mould of the object and some other components were studied by a young team even by the use of fluid dynamic F1 engineering as well.

LINFA has an internet connection which allows the user to be updated on the status of his own plantation. Every LINFA in the world is connected with a server creating a continuous self learning program and a continuous flow of information and data collection.
It is possible to remotely take photos/ time lapses of the plants growth and know the exact days left to harvest. The camera, installed between the overhead LED lights , works as a sensor detecting growth status and informing the computer through the use of a shape recognition software to update and reset automatically the cultivation profile. The Cultivation Profile and Growing Protocols are provided by one of the institutional big “angels” that grant Robonica, not just an official endorsement, but the database needed to grow as per natural conditions each specific vegetable (exactly the same as tomatoes from Sicily or Basil from Genoa or Naples). LINFA notifies via app when plants’ nutrients are about to end, and warn when water levels are low.
A new set of nutrients can be purchased directly from the app market. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

In 2017 during the World Summit for Nutrition, LINFA won the first prize at the International Vertical Farm Awards. The panel awarded the first prize to the young Italian Start Up, despite the participation of international companies as competitors, due to the object’s concept of scalability and the technical results in varying sizes, from mass markets to greenhouses and vertical farms. In fact, the product is selected by the Italian school of chefs and by the biggest Italian consortium of industrial kitchens. The success in the E commerce is even related to the packaging study, effortless way of transport and installation. LINFA is already used in schools and student contests.


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 Giampiero Peia
 Peia Associati, Robonica
 Peia Associati, Robonica


After his partnership with Piero Lissoni, at Lissoni Peia Associati, in 2006 Giampiero Peia founded Peia Associati studio with Marta Nasazzi. The international practice develops design in a wide spectrum of geographical and thematic areas, from urban planning to interior design and from large scale architectural planning to industrial product design. The studio received international awards for various projects like The Westin Resort in Maldives, Residential towers in Shanghai, the biggest Buddhist temple in Europe, the second life Coca Cola pavilion at Expo Milan and the Tallest Building in Doha. In 2017, Peia in collaboration with Robonica was awarded first prize at the Vertical Farm International Awards. Peia designed and executed “A Piece of Sky“ Sri Lankan pavilion at the XXII Triennale di Milano. The designs are fueled by constant research in the fields of progressive design, technology, innovative materials and smart systems working always in parallel with environmental aims.


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