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Arkham Projects
SONATA, as in music, is a compositional procedure that uses two contrasting themes, complexity in its unity and simplicity in its repetition.

Sonata is a quest, a constant quest to offer a unique product within a market full with similar options in size, program and price.

The client asked for the project to be “different”, but economically accessible, in which "nothing felt extra"; any material or element that he felt didn’t have a functional purpose, was going to be removed at the time of construction. With a main façade facing south, in Yucatan, we knew that the protection from the sun was a must, however, a skin or lattice was no longer an option if we wanted to achieve what the client requested; it would be necessary to find within the architectural program a way to protect the user, and at the same time, turn this resource into a fundamental one for the success of the project, which without it, the project could not work.

The solution was to remove vertical circulations from the inside, and the result was an intersection of two staircases, one closed and one open, which give the project a playful minimalism, but not in the plastic sense, but economic, taking the words of the client as a basis for the design. A façade with program, essential for the project, a façade that can not be removed, with horizontal repetitions, which simplify the whole when seeing it in its entirety.

The white color works as the guideline, as a integrator, leaving the sun to be the protagonist while painting the façade with light, turning the project into a canvas where the shadows can be seen in different forms throughout the day.

Its architectural program is simple, social areas on the ground floor and on the roof, vertically containing two bedrooms that are on the first level, a private area that can only be accessed through a corridor on the same level. Stairs not only play an important role in terms of visual privacy from the outside, but also prevent the circulation of visitors through private areas of the living units when accessing the roof. Each unit has a backyard and parking spots for two vehicles, which will soon be protected from the sun by the foliage of trees.

A project that initially revolved around money, ended up revolving around intimacy, privacy, harmony and curiosity. With the same architectural program and price as many, but a sincere project, where the function and aesthetics are one, where complexity and simplicity blend to become SONATA.


 Mérida, Yucatán
 536 mq
 Jorge Duarte Torre y Min Peniche Calafell
 Arkham Projects
 Engineering: Carlos Castillo Manzano
 Tamara Uribe


Arkham Projects is a platform for creating dreams through architecture.

Each project is a dream; it is a house for a family, a building for a developer, an office for an entrepreneur. . .

Our vision revolves around this philosophy. We are a tool to fulfill dreams and turn them into reality. We aspire to a world in which architects join this approach and develop more than functional and aesthetic projects, projects that build a world with happier people.

We have a passionate and committed team, led by Min Peniche and by Jorge Duarte. We are more than twenty professionals from different disciplines who unite our talents to fulfill this purpose.

Since 2013, we carry out architectural projects of different scales, typologies and locations, supporting our clients with the coordination of engineering and permits, as well as the supervision of construction.

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