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Torres arquitetos + Antonio Zago Arquitetura + Censi Fisa

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Torres arquitetos + Antonio Zago Arquitetura + Censi Fisa

Situated in a charming neighbourhood of Porto Alegre, Brazil set up by tree-lined streets, An elegant building connected to the open space, large and bright apartments are some of the assets that give character to this refuge, in order to accomplish the wishes of future residents.
The form, vegetation and materials adopted along with the smart use of interior space are the elements responsible for bringing in the urban and historical context of the region for the enterprise, using the local concepts into the design, in order to create suspended houses, seeking a dialogue with its surroundings through a constant game of lights and shadows, which resulted in a clean and contemporary architecture.
Horizontal plans define LUMI's residential floors, which alternate in different sizes and shapes, forming social spaces, providing a sense of continuity between interior and exterior, generating a vertical villa with all its peculiarities. These plans also function as brises-soleils, shading the facade and form social spaces and create continuity between the interior and exterior perception, transforming the rooms into fluid spaces opened to the landscape. Large and transparent terraces surround LUMI's two main faces, trying to convey the feeling of living in a house. Its wide windows ensure that the surroundings are bathed in natural light so residents feel the warmth of the sun while enjoying the view of the park in comfort terraces.
Technology, materials and manpower are conventional and were traditlanionally employed in the region, valuing the local production, in Southern Brazil.
15 floors, a total of 26 apartments with areas between 218.00m and 360.00m
Market research has pointed out that a potential audience for the entrepreneurship would be of future residents who value design and the relationship with nature.
The biggest challenge was to create a direct relationship between construction and the environment, valuing both.
The houses courtyard of the area were turned into large balconies in the building, creating an overlap between interior and exterior and pleasant double height open rooms;
- The sense of openness of this geographically high point of the city is reflected by the luminosity brought by the large windows;
- The street’s natural environment gracefully incorporates into the landscape design of the site;
-The wide internal space of the apartments will be the suitable setting for the new families who will be joining the neighbourhood to live their own stories.


 Porto Alegre
 Censi Fisa
 Torres Arquitetos + Arquitetura Zago
 Alberto Torres and Antonio Zago
 Censi Fisa


- TORRES Arquitetos is a company dedicated to the development of architectural and urbanistic projects. A number of Torres & Bello projects have already won National and International Architecture Awards and Distinctions attesting to the quality of such projects as Architecture Biennial, Saint Gobain Awards, The Plan, CityScape Awards, Rethinking the future, A'Desing.
- Arquitetura Zago is an architecture and urbanism intelligence platform in Brazil, which combines experience and innovation to generate value for its partners, the city and people. Founded in 2017, it mixes the 35 years’ experience of its senior partner Antonio Zago with a creative young team, developing smart designs and real estate business.
- With offices in Caxias do Sul and Porto Alegre, Censi Fisa develops its innovative and sophisticated projects in civil construction with a focus of action in Gramado, Caxias and Porto Alegre. Already having delivered 73 projects of high standard.

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