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Youth Hostel Bayreuth

LAVA - Laboratory for Visionary Architecture Berlin GmbH

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LAVA - Laboratory for Visionary Architecture Berlin GmbH
Berlin-based Laboratory for Visionary Architecture (LAVA) has designed a 180-room hostel for the Bavarian Youth Hostel Association in Bayreuth, Germany. Designed for the sociable Generation Y traveller, the hostel offers an abundance of flexible public spaces featuring bright colours and soaring windows overlooking the Bavarian landscape. Touted as a "yardstick for the sports hostel of the future," the futuristic building includes modular furniture and universal step-free access throughout all facilities, grounds, and sports fields.
The new building gave LAVA the unique opportunity to incorporate sustainability at functional, structural and social level and to integrate culture and sports into an architecturally appropriate expression.
The Project is part of an overall concept that was developed by the German Youth Hostel Association (DJH) and LAVA for a new prototypical generation of hostels in Bavaria. The aim of the concept is a contemporary, functional and aesthetically sophisticated reinterpretation of the traditional hostels.
These includes innovative spatial configurations, sustainability on functional, structural and social levels and integrated sporting facilities directly adjecent to the building: a place that invites active use and relaxation.
LAVA created a building where geometry interweaves interior and exterior space across two floors, offering expansive views and multiple accessible openings to the sports fields terraces and garden, which find their place in between the longer parts of the building. Each wing has access to the exterior at its end, while many looping pathways converge at the central point of the complex.
The star shaped design is characterized by a central stair in the atrium generating a connective and beautiful central space offering expansive views and multiple openings to the sport fields and gardens. The central atrium serves a hub for offline and online entertainment, interaction and communication.
A special highlight are the west-facing rooms on the ground floor which have direct access to the sports field: the terraces are becoming a tribune and the rooms are actively involved into the action.
The upper floor of each wing is connected via an outdoor area with stairs to the landscape level, one of which doubles as an amphitheatre for cultural events like outdoor movie screenings and theatre performances.
The design flexibility extends to the facility’s other interior spaces. The building’s only load-bearing components are along the corridors and the facades. LAVA has created an intelligent wooden wall system for modular built-in furniture with niches for rotatable beds. This modular bedroom units featuring a combination of two, four and six beds placed throughout the hostel will offer maximum versatility for visiting sports teams and individual guests. Amenities in the modern bedrooms include heated floors, in-room bathrooms, floor-to-ceiling windows and collapsible desk spaces.
It’s all about intelligent organisation, making it easy to find things, connect, socialise, creating a stage for individual and group activities. It may be budget accommodation but this integrated concept goes beyond the hostel motto ‘experience community’ to ‘experience the unexpected’ – its not like the hostel we know!


 Deutsche Jugendherbergswerk Landesverband Bayern e.V.
 3200 mq
 LAVA Laboratory for Visionary Architecture Berlin GmbH
 Tobias Wallisser, Julian Fahrenkamp, Angelika Hermann, Jan Konzerski, Mikolay Scibisz, Nicola Schunter, Paula Gonzales, Güley Alagöz, Elise Elsacker, Myung Lee, Yuan Ma
 LAVA, Werner Huthmacher, Fotostudio Huber


LAVA - it is no coincidence that the reference to molten stone is used both as an analogy and as the acronym for “Laboratory for Visionary Architecture”. LAVA embodies the known, yet changes and paves the way – using nature as a base for new growth and life.
LAVA works as a network prctice, providing Visionary Architectural and Urban design services worldwide.
The Laboratory for Visionary Architecture seeks to continually define new boundaries in the creation of architectural visions and city space.
LAVA’s research and design focus allows the evolution of architectural and urban design outcomes inaccissible through traditional methodologies.
Our process continually evolves; responding to global and market forces to deliver high quality, technologically advanced and sustainable projects that inspire a new generation.


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