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Tabanlioglu Architects

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Tabanlioglu Architects
Maça Kızı (meaning 'Queen of Spades' inspired by the first founder’s nickname, the mother of the current proprietor, known for her bohemian lifestyle, hanging out with poets, musicians and artists, whose spirit infuses the beautiful location) is one of the oldest establishments in the region.

Reflecting a time-honored tradition which brought the beach club culture to coastal town Bodrum, inspired by the original guesthouse of the 80’s, the ambience sustained as a stylish reconstruction with passion for conservation by minimalizing the structures’ environmental effects.

In principle, ingenious comfort features hidden details and finest quality of holiday service, with understated luxury, achieving minimal architectural impact.

Bodrum being one of the major destinations of Blue Voyage, the land in Golturkbuku is easily accessible from sea and by land routes. Set in the hills with views over the glittering Aegean Sea, the beach club is a place to relax by day and party by night or indeed vice versa.

Draped in bougainvillea, you walk into reception which is kind of inside and outside at the same time; an open and chilled atmosphere with the warmth that comes from a family business. Revitalization process started in 2012-2013, by Tabanlioglu Architects; a welcome bar and a cantilever complemented in the entrance area, besides the re-organizations in the swimming pool, and decks, the bar of the indoor restaurant, service space of the breakfast area, and guest rooms have been renovated. In 2015, an haute couture boutique store included in the complex.

Finally, in 2018, the shoreline organization, landing pier, floating dock, and the pergola system have been the main design focuses.

The expansive waterfront deck over the sea is to relax, mingle and experience the spectacular Bodrum sunset. Parallel to the shore, floating dock is attached to the rocks subtly, without impairing them. Leaving water in between the deck and rocks, lighting elements below the deck present a dramatic, visual treat at night, joining sea sparkles.

Eclectic in style with subtle references to past, natural qualities, sensitive designs and soft muted shades, combination of soft fabrics and stiffer materials, including the light beige colored military camouflage net used to cover the pergolas; the choice of this simple material resonates with the low-key mode of camouflage is described by its proponents as “quiet luxury.”

In combination with a straightforward design, retractable awnings grant glittering and playful shadows on the timber flooring, besides granting maximum protection from environmental influences, mainly the strong sunbeams.

Between the breathy, turquoise colored beach bar and the restaurant at the upper level, restored refined pieces of furniture are placed at the sprawling porch, complemented by special rugs, photography books, collection of traditional and modern art pieces and the elegant details. As darkness falls, the beach bars where the notorious parties hosted, will have you discovering why Macakizi’s gatherings are so famous!

A refined Turkish and international- particularly Mediterranean cuisine is prepared in the tailor-made kitchen of the restaurant, a semi-open space. Accompanying the innovative menu, the wine cellar is the special treat for the boho and understated style for the “Quiet Luxurians”.

Integrated in nature, light, and breeze, a mixture of semi-open and open spaces are the core of design. Being one step away from sea, one feels as part of nature, in the artless setting. An understated luxury and a pared-down aesthetic is the architectural language that offers alternatives for operational functions without disturbing its essential qualities.

Modesty has been core of the design decision with reference to the attitude of local architecture and nature, with respect to the original guesthouse of 80’s, with an emphasis on lifestyle and taking a journey into “living a healthy and happy lifestyle”. For many international “habitué” Macakizi is Bodum and Bodrum is everything, like Ibiza, Mykonos, Miami, all the go to refresh destinations, and also a choice to avoid summer holiday crowds. It speaks in a modulated voice, to fellow Quiet Luxurians, the customer who wants style and sophistication.

Besides the pull of glorious sunshine, excellent views and relaxed lifestyle, the staff brings another level of expertise in service; friendly and helpful yet only appear when you need them, a team attends to your comfort.

Macakizi is the location to the laid back luxury. The hotel and beach club is currently one of the most popular spots in Bodrum. It feels more like a lifestyle than a hotel, it has fine dining, gym, spa and happy kittens around.


 2600 mq
 Hande Pusat, Çağlayan Çağbayır, Aslı Aydın, Sinem Kaya, Tolga Şentürk, Deniz Hıdıroğlu, Interns: Sinem Evcim, Nevruz Uz
 Local Constructors
 Christopher Kennedy


Headed by Murat Tabanlioglu and Melkan Gursel, the practice focuses on residential, commercial, mixed-use, public and cultural projects realised mainly in MENASA, CIS and Europe, and lately in the USA. Tabanlıoğlu Architects has a long family tradition and is the culmination of over 60 years’ architectural experience. Tabanlioğlu Architects believes that one of the big issues inherent in urban development is to create city spaces that are interactive, to allow citizens to truly mingle; that in order to make better cities; buildings should be multifunctional and take inspiration from both ceremonial and informal public spaces. With offices in Dubai, Doha, London and New York, the practice strives for new efficiencies in terms of global and environmental needs, incorporating new technologies with smart local solutions into their work.


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