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“Creating like a city to make a base”

In an era where one can place a pin at their destination on a map and travel there impromptu,
this project has aimed to explore the potential for this hotel to become a “FLAG” – a flag that can act as a base for guests who actively wander the city.

The location is Shinsaibashi – the center of Osaka.
This area features an abundance of entertainment, and also great access to the ancient capitals of Kyoto and Nara.
We focused on overseas guests as the main demographic, and aimed for a place that brings together people of diverse lifestyles and cultures, existing in order “for them to enjoy their stay in the city” with the hotel as their base.

We decided to take away the interior and exterior cosmetic aspects that had been originally built in the architecture for a different usage, in order to expose the power and ruggedness the architecture originally possessed, and in there we inserted elements of the design intent.
This was similar to inserting a work of interior design, that structures a lifestyle, inside of a town planning design on a public-works scale. Similar to designing a single city.
To make it a city where the scattering of a great variety of expressions come together to create a whole image, we made the creation of this place a design concept.

The first and second floors lay bear the framework of the architecture, people can touch it with their hands, and in places readily visible to the eye there is a minimal use of natural, industrial and luxury materials.
Automatic doors made from solid boards;
A wall panel made of a variety of wood from around the world;
Stone benches with arrangements of flora that evoke the four seasons;
Railings made of rugged iron and smooth-to-the-touch solid boards;
A fire that calmly warms the spirit;
A strong contrast is born between the base of ruggedness and each designed element.
Our intention is for it to be designed, but not too much, so it can leave room for many more things.

Dining Room Be.zen features a buffet island designed with cooking utensils, against the backdrop of the wild, rugged architectural framework.
On this buffet island, with an appearance as if the kitchen had jumped out into the dining area, a great many creative dishes are arranged by chefs that have brought out the specialness of the materials, and these dishes finally complete the space.
This hotel, christened THE FLAG, also features multi-purpose usage – there are programs where even non-guests can participate, such as tea ceremonies and yoga, offering enjoyment apart from just the accommodation.
As a result, it has become a culturally-mixed global space, unrestrained by any one particular way of life, where people of a variety of races in a variety of places can enjoy both by themselves or with other people.

The way of enjoying HOTEL THE FLAG is different for everyone.
This is because there’s so many ways to enjoy the city.
Enjoying coffee
Enjoying the food
Taking a nap
Reading a book
Enjoying a conversation
Doing work
Enjoying shopping
Enjoying Osaka, the city of food
Enjoying sight-seeing

We have designed this hotel to exist for people to enjoy residing in this city, and for it to be the FLAG of the city and a base of which around to place the pins on your map.


 7196.23 mq
 Kohyo Construction, Inter Tech, Atria, Kunisada Furniture


PROCESS5 DESIGN Co.,Ltd was established in 2009 by Noriaki Takeda and Ikuma Yoshizawa based in Osaka Japan as an architectural design office works on hotels, shops, residential building and office .
We value five processes to start and complete projects carefully.
First, we take time to ”conversation” with clients.
And, we listen client’s”request” and ”needs” and visit the ”location”.
Lastly we creat client’s”personality" and our "personality" meets and a space lovable for a long time is created.


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