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Located in the centre of a rapidly growing city, Aurangabad in India, this school is designed for a plot of 3960 sq m with a permissible constructed area of 8118 sq. m.
The primary access road is on the west with a secondary access on the southern side and an existing playground towards the east.
Imbibing the traditional courtyard prevalent in Indian architecture the school creates a large open to sky courtyard oriented to open towards the playground.
Brick screens envelope the built spaces externally mitigating sound from the roads as well as reducing heat gain in response to the climate. Average temperatures are in excess of 30°C for 8 months of the year in this location. Bricks proposed are of fly-ash a byproduct of Quicklime, Cement and Gypsum adding to the sustainability of the design. Being a school building glass has been used only on the inside surfaces so as not to absorb direct heat and to receive indirect natural light.
Circulation spaces skirt the courtyard with open bridges across allowing students to be visually connected to the landscaped court and the playground whilst moving within the school. All the common facilities including laboratories, library, arts room & cafeteria open into landscaped terraces that punctuate the building to facilitate natural cross ventilation throughout the school.
Organic streets traverse the landscaped courtyard allowing students to glimpse the playground whilst moving within the school.
The built form is punctuated, creating an internal sheltered courtyard that opens up on to a large playground. This simultaneously allows cross ventilation to all the internal spaces along with natural light whilst framing the playground to the internal volumes.
Designed for a charitable trust, the entire school is naturally lit & ventilated with reduced heat gain to create an energy efficient design that is economical & sustainable.
Learning Courtyard is a school that imbibes the elements & planning principles of traditional Indian architecture to create a contextual design solution alluding to the location & climate & generating sheltered open spaces for social interaction within a restricted site.
The design creates a contextual building to the site surroundings, the city’s climate & the client’s brief in a holistic way making spaces conducive to learning as well as experiencing for social interactions & activities.


 Terna Charitable Trust.
 11706 mq
 Structural: Struct Care Consulting Engineers Pvt. Ltd


Sanjay Puri , the Principal Architect of Sanjay Puri Architects, India has been a speaker and a judge at numerous international architecture events including the LEAF & WAF.
His firm founded in 1992, has won 134 international architecture awards including 6 Chicago Athenaeum Awards, 10 WAF Awards, 17 World Architecture Community U.K Awards, the LEAF , 5 Architizer Awards, 3 Hospitality Design Awards, 14 MIPIM Awards and several more.
His firm has successfully completed over 600 projects totaling over 60 million square feet.
Sanjay Puri and his firm of 72 architects now, continue their quest for creating sustainable design, charting new territories of spatial perception simultaneously imbibing the intrinsic values of Indian heritage & culture within their design solutions.


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