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Mindelo House

Raulino Silva Architect

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Raulino Silva Architect

Mindelo House is the result of the rehabilitation and extension of an existing single floor house, built in the late 60's with very interesting architectural features, located very close to the Mindelo's Beach in a small town nearby the city of Porto, Portugal.

With very similar family houses in the neighborhood, the exterior design of the existing house is entirely preserved, with its walls covered in shale, the white blades and the dark tile on the roof.

On the inside, we reorganized the layout of the house in accordance to the existing windows that we kept in place.

The expansion, necessary to respond to the client's intentions, is implanted in the North end of the land, also with a single floor. Its implantation intends to cover up the walls of the neighboring buildings and it´s design has purposefully a distinctive image of the existing building, with flat roof, white walls and white marble trims.

The main entrance is made in the building corresponding to the existing house. From the entrance atrium, we have access to the living and dining room facing west; to the kitchen facing south, with a porch shared with the living room, which has a barbecue and connection to the pool area; a corridor connecting to the new volume, a shared bathroom, an office and a room, with an ensuite bathroom.

In the volume of the expansion, we arranged the new garage with a storage room facing an outdoor patio, the laundry room and another suite. This suite is settled with a bedroom, a closet and a private bathroom facing the outdoor patio.

In the outside, the carpet grass will be placed throughout the garden area, leaving some areas of black shale gravel with small plants such as Santolina, Lavandula and Ericas. In order to protect the garden from the north winds, an area with trees will be grown, such as fruit trees, and pine trees, resembling the existing trees nearby. The driveway is made with dark grey concrete, as well as the footpaths. The surrounding area of the pool will be paved with stone slabs.

About the house finishings, on the floor it will be used a floating vinyl floor that covers all the spaces, including the kitchen and the bathrooms. The walls and ceilings should be covered in gypsum plasterboard painted in white that define the plans and reinforce the continuity with the carpentry lacquered with a white mate finishing. The bathrooms walls covering will be ceramic and the shower trays will be designed and custom made using Snow White KRION® slabs.


 Vila do Conde
 Raulino Silva Architect
 Raulino Silva, Cátia Sampaio, Daniela Amorim, João Mendes, Hélder Silva
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 Raulino Silva Architect
 Raulino Silva Architect
 Raulino Silva Architect


Raulino Silva lives in Vila do Conde, where he was born in 1981. Graduated architect by ESAP in 2006. Since 2011, he has its own architecture office in a small village in Vila do Conde, where, with a team of architects, he develops essentially single-family housing projects and small equipment. Among other awards and nominations: Winner of the International Architecture Awards 2018, with Touguinhó III House, USA; 3rd Prize at the Baku International Architecture Award 2017, with Touguinhó III House, Azerbaijan; Winner of the Iconic Awards 2017, with Touguinhó III House, Germany; 1st Prize at the Baku International Architecture Award 2015, with Cemetery Extension, Azerbaijan; Selected for the Enor 2014 Architecture Prize, with Cemetery Extension, Spain; Nominated for the 2014 Building Awards, with Cemetery Extension, Portugal; 3rd Prize at the Baku International Architectural Award 2013, with Event Equipment II, Azerbaijan; 2nd Prize at the Bergamo di Architettura Prize 2003, Italy.


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