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WEAVING LANDSCAPE - The Textile Company Park

Landscape  /  Future
As threads that are being woven into a fabric, the new Headquarter Park language ties together the picturesque scenarios of the surroundings. The landscape unifies the different agriculture textures into one colorful tissue in order to create a holistic and the same time diversified intervention integrated into the territory.
The project is structured as a tale of landscape, through an antique and evocative vocabulary it follows the visitor until the entrance to the new building complex through different areas of interest increasingly defined and attractive.
The first scenario that brings the visitor to the new complex are the fields that are treated as paint strokes with an alternance of blooms and flowerings. The cycle path is raised from the fields as a show of respect to the fields of productivity and appears as a furrow through the vegetation.
The memory of the vineyards and their textures are represented in the project through primary elements of the landscape as the trees, the foliage, the architecture of the shrub layers, the signs of the stones and the vegetal vertical elements.
The importance of The Val Seisa valley water for the factory’s textile production is not forgotten. The landscape shows an equilibrium of human needs and generosity of the nature that adopts to grow its fruits. Water is a fundamental element in the factory’s history and bonds the company with its territory, for this reason the project enhances the presence of the water realizing a new walkway for the employees along the existing canal that establishes a stronger relationship with it.
The area that faces the highway is characterized by light movements of the soil, the new morphology is a natural sound barrier, hides the view on the highway and creates a more private space for the Headquarter. The courtyard of the new building complex plays with the morphology creating small sitting areas surrounded by nature.
The landscape story unifies different project areas that use the project elements in different ways but all of them are integrated together and create a holistic project perception.
The project follows the LEED certification requests. The topic credits have been achieved by the use of local materials, by choosing the native plants and by the reasoned irrigation plan. The water body located along the access boulevard it is not only a landscape element but also used as a fire water storage tank and for the territory irrigation.


 50.000 mq
 arch. Margherita Brianza, arch. Luca Manzocchi
 arch. paes. Cecilia Galli Passerini, arch. Ginevra Rapisardi
 Reder Credits: SBGA | Blengini Ghirardelli srl


“We believe that landscape design means to manage the apparent wildness of Nature, accepting the unpredictable complexity and looking for coexistence of order and disorder, and creating a new place.”
P'ARCNOUVEAU is an urban design and landscape architecture practice based in Milan. Established in 2008, the studio is led by Margherita Brianza and Luca Manzocchi, it works with special attention and sensitivity, driven by the idea that landscape is the place in which people can evaluate their grade of civilization and belonging to nature and society. The firm counts projects as CityLife public park in Milan, Libeskind residential complex in Milan, Mortara Logistic Hub, and VerdeMare complex in Trieste. The studio collaborates with Citterio-Viel&Partners with whom it designed Bulgari Hotel in Moscow and Song-Shou Plaza in Taipei. It won the tender for the redevelopment of the ESTEC in Noordwijk NL, together with RINA, Allard Architecture and SGBA.


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