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Project Van Goethem - Renard

Pascal François Architects

Kitchen Design Special Contest  /  Completed
Pascal François Architects
The project, realised in Geetdam 26, 9930 Zomergem
(Belgium), envelops the design of a new residential home.

The design suggests an open living space, combining living and kitchen area into one another.
In this living space it was decided to incorporate al the functions into one big functional piece of furniture. This volume includes the fireplace, storage and hidden cooking area.
These elements are imbedded into the piece of furniture in a subtle way, using only 2 types of materials.

The main skin of the furniture are wooden panels, finished in veneer, with behind them closet space. In between these wooden panels we made 2 ‘cuts’ which house a fireplace and part of the kitchen. These cuts are accentuated thought a different finish in wooden panelling, as these cuts are represented by the use of wooden saw cut panels. These panels are leftover material from stone cutting industries, used as a base for cutting the panels have randomly aligned cuts in them.

In combination with the wooden saw cut panels we proposed a marble stone which repeats the pattern found on these panels. Both materials show a diagonal play of lines. In addition to the lines found on both materials theres the connection of the wooden saw cut panels that could be produced while making the marble slabs.

Both fireplace and kitchen are finished with the Ebony Veine marble stone. Which blend in perfectly with the saw cut wooden panels.

The cooking area of the project is situated around the corner of the wooden volume. At first only the kitchen island is visible. But with a push of a button the cooking area is revealed.
The saw cut panels move upwards and reveal the countertop finished in Ebony Veine marble, adding an element of surprise to the experience.

In relation to this cooking island we designed a kitchen island, with the countertop divided in the two materials: wood on one side (the table area) and the marble stone (washing area). Both have their relationship with the space. Kitchen countertop for cooking and washing are finished in the same material. And the seating area is a continuation of the floor finish in small wooden strips (in Dutch: lamel-op-kant).

With these elements we tried to create a unique living space, able to elevate the everyday living rhythm and making a joy out of everyday rituals. We tried to achieve a suitable balance between the functional on one hand, but also the experience of cooking and living.
This way, we hope to have achieved a clear vision and project for our costumer.


 Mr. & Mrs. Van Goethem - Renard
 320 mq
 Pascal Francois
 Pascal Francois, Niels Van Der Straeten, Bram Ringoir
 UTIL (Engineer)
 Thomas De Bruyne (


The office of Pascal Francois Architects is located in the Belgian area of East
Flanders. Based in the city Aalst we mainly try to focus on private housing
and try to achieve each time a very detailed project. Each project aims to be
thoughtful towards it’s residents and environment.

A key aspect of the practice is the incorporation of all furniture in the
architectural project. We believe even a door-handle can achieve an
additional experience towards the whole project. Each project is seen as a
gesamtkunstwerk in which the client can feel a personal connection with the

As we try to achieve a high level of detailing and incorporate the big and
small scale in the project, the focus of our office is always oriented towards
the craftsman. We love to have extensive sessions with craftsman to achieve
the best result for each project.

In ways mentioned above we try to make a difference with each project. This
way we hope each client finds a great way


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