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Cornerstone House

KARA Architect

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KARA Architect
Cornerstone House is the culmination of Easton Urban Kapital’s effort to deliver projects with good design aesthetics, in order to enhance the urban fabric of the city. Designed with modern minimalistic feel, the house is set to catch people’s eyes with its mesmerizing prow gable roof, floor-to-ceiling windows, and its unique, concrete façade.

Development planning is carried out professionally through a process of consulting with architects, contractors, and other consultants supported by a complete property market to support the best development concept.

A timber decking terrace is set in front of the house, providing a place to socialize and interact with each other. A small backyard at the back of the house, accessible through a glass sliding door near the kitchen area, adds another green area to the house, and acts as light and ventilation source.

Inside, all the rooms are designed to have its own natural lighting source, to minimize the use of electricity, in accordance to Easton Urban Kapital’s bid to provide environmentally-friendly residential and commercial development. With strategically-placed voids and windows, the rooms are able to get the natural light that they need, as well as create a cross ventilation system that allows breeze to come and help cool down the temperature.

Each house is complemented with timber decking terrace at the front, to stimulate interaction between residents. In a city where social interaction between neighbors are rapidly declining, Cornerstone House hopes to bring social awareness back in fashion.

Cornerstone House is a spacious home for the needs of modern family, with practicality as a key concept. Open plan living concept is applied on the ground floor to allow flexible spatial arrangements and create an interactive ambiance.

The upper floor is the designated living area for the family. The floor plan offers privacy within the bedrooms, complemented with a uniquely designed semi-lounge that the family can use to spend relaxing time together before bed, or greet each other in the morning.

Large kitchen overlooking the garden for your cooking pleasure, and private timber decking terrace for your leisure time.
Well-appointed bedrooms, bright bathrooms, and semi-lounge to greet each other every morning.

The company also builds direct relationships with each client to get the information delivered. Through effective and good ethical property development, we have succeeded in gaining the trust of many clients.

House to enhance productivity
House to improve connectivity within your family
House that is inspired by practicality for your family
House to create interaction
House to respect privacy
Synergy of family


 South Tangerang
 125 mq
 KARA Architect
 Kevin Sutanto


PT. Easton Urban Kapital (EUK) is a property development company based in Jakarta, Indonesia, with several commercial and residential projects spread out in the Jabodetabek area and Palembang. EUK creates projects with good design aesthetics to enhance the urban fabric of the city. In order to do so, EUK starts the development planning process with consultation with a number of experts in the designated fields, such as professional architects, engineers, and contractors. Furthermore, EUK also does a comprehensive market research to decide the best approach and concept suitable to each appropriate project.

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