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Arroyo Solís Agraz + taller paralelo

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Arroyo Solís Agraz + taller paralelo
Casa Decu is located in one of the most iconic and current areas in Mexico City, right in the epicenter of Colonia Condesa, which was developed in the beginning of the XX century and well known for its parks and green areas; surrounded by coffee shops, bookstores, restaurants, galleries and boutiques.

The architects took the old abandoned building from 1937 and transformed it into a hotel boutique, where you can find the basics in a modern way, saving the essence of the old days, and making you enjoy the greatness of the old neighborhood style. A perfect blend between suites and lodging, Casa Decu offers comfort, luxury and design all in one current and contemporary concept.

This type of boutique hospitality is the best option, since it allows you the liberty of going out and discovering the area or staying in and enjoying the facilities. Take a tour throughout the Condesa’s streets, where you can find restaurants, parks, bars and family entertainment while enjoying a nice walk across the neighborhood, or take advantage of the open spaces the building has to offer, with a drink or snack at the rooftop.

As in any big cosmopolitan city center, the old building is surrounded by constructions, having a single façade to the street, which was respected and resorted 100% to save the spirit of the of Art Deco Era. Inside, the guestrooms find their own way through the patios that bring light and ventilation to the 27 suites that go from 20 to 50 square meters, distributed throughout the building´s 4 floors, 24 of these are fully equipped with a kitchen and TV area. Separated from all the common areas, the rooms and the building itself provide round the clock security and privacy. Each room has a particular design, based on the traditional Mexican Art Deco, inspired in our millenary indigenous traditions.

The rooms facing the façade of Culiacan Street can be transformed into double rooms. The main patio is covered with a translucent structure. The roof top which has a common area and a gym, can be used any time of the year, where you can enjoy the urban skyline of the city.

The project took advantage of the old abandoned structure of an apartment building with a new architectural program that reactivates a forgotten space. The concept respects both the original essence of the building as well as the main facade and the interior facades; the glass, the stairs, the floor and the materials used in the 1930’s were restored to preserve this essence.


 Mexico City
 Nice to See You
 1200 mq
 Salvador Arroyo, Alejandro Solís, Rosa Agraz, César Flores, Mikel Merodio
 Grupo Estuco
 Graphic Design: Leolab (Leonardo Paz)
 Luis Gallardo / LGM Studio


Arroyo Solís Agraz is an office dedicated to the design and construction of architectural projects of all scales, led by Salvador Arroyo, Alejandro Solís and Rosa Agraz located in Mexico City. The direct communication with our clients is the most important for the correct development of the projects, which is why we distinguish ourselves as an office where the clients deal directly with the partners.

taller paralelo is an architectural office led by César Flores and Mikel Merodio, established in 2015 at Mexico City. The studio focus on the development of designs that capture the creativity and ideas of the 21st century, applying them to their designs. They have built proposals of different scales and variants of context (physical, economic, social) allowing them to experiment with an open and proactive approach.


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