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Hillside Residence

JT + Partners Architectural and Engineering Consultant

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JT + Partners Architectural and Engineering Consultant
Hillside Residence

Located in Ras Al Khaimah city in the breath- taking natural surroundings of the Emirate, the site presented a great opportunity to host a state of the art residential luxury villa. A private home with five bedrooms, main living rooms and service areas over-viewing Ras Al Khaimah City from the hill top surrounded by the mountains and the distant sea. The client wish to create a residence taking advantage of the views of untouched natural environment around it.
The project site is surrounded by steep topography overlooking natural landscape of the region and the distant mountains, a stunning and picturesque view. Hence the form development takes into account the maximum utilization of this distant unobstructed view, with the volumes rotated so as to facilitate room from each of the living and bedroom spaces.
The concept was envisioning the inner garden as an extension of the house to the nature and landscape outside. This was to ensure that every key public / semi-private function in the villa has close proximity or views to either the internal or exterior nature elements.

The site of this private bungalow is the stuff of architect’s dreams. Our response is to design an environment that makes the very most of the incredible views afforded by the location, and provides the experience of living within the landscape.


 Ras Al Khaimah
 United Arab Emirates
 2150 mq
 JT + Partners Team
 Interior Design – Kristina Zanic Consultants FZ
 MEP – JT + Partners
 Civil & Structure Eng. – Webb Yates & Esther Engineers
 JT + Partners


JT & Partners is an energetic, collaborative, creative team of innovative individuals providing architectural design and master planning consultancy. Their bespoke designs reflect the cultural diversity, experience and understanding of its team.
They always strive to go above and beyond the call of duty to explore, research and innovate as part of the design process. The company encourages a collaborative workshop environment wherein their collective expertise, and that of their carefully selected sub-consultants can ‘cross-pollinate’ projects, improving quality and productivity. Their balanced, holistic approach to the environmental, social and economic considerations of each project ensures that the full potential of every opportunity is realised in a sustainable manner.
They are currently working on 15 destinations, from Morocco to Seychelles, Lebanon, India, Sri Lanka, North Africa, KSA and UAE, spanning residential, hospitality, mixed-use and master plan developments.

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