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Beyazatolye Architecture

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Beyazatolye Architecture
Aydın province has been a home for many civilizations, the province is like an outdoor museum, with its 22 ancient cities, the province holds great historical, cultural, touristic and natural values.

Kuşadası; being 71 km’s away from the city center, it’s the coastline where Aegean Region reaches the sea. The district being surrounded by a National Park, also is a center between touristic places like Efes, Meryemana(House of the Virgin Mary), Milet, Didim Pamukkale, Marmaris, Bodrum.With Port of Kuşadası’s capacity to receive 2400 ships a year, makes it the most important cruise port for Turkey. Port of Kuşadası being really close to the Greek Samos island, it is a second doorway for the tourists visiting this location. Until 1954 Kuşadası was a district of İzmir, after this date its been a district of Aydın The area of the district is 264 km² and the population is around 75.000.

The project site is surrounded by green parks and it is on the direction of seashore overlooking surronding landscape. In accourdance with building regulations a contemporary residence project consisting of ten double storey building is planned.
The main idea was to create different levels of spaces between buildings.
Each villa maximies sea view while protecting the necessity of privacy.

The interdependent villas create a sequence that molds relationships between the occupants. The aim is to define each villa as a separate living area with free circulation around it without blocking the view.
There are four different Villa types on the site.Residents can choose to live in luxury homes ranging from 150 m2 to 250 m2 living areas.All type of villas are with three bedroom at upper levels.

Terraces and balconies integrated wiht the existing and build green enviroment.
Each block has its own garden with differents sizes.Six of them are with a private pool.The living spaces at the ground floors opens up to the pool terraces. 8 residences has shared pool and poll terraces which is dissolves in the greenery and opens up to the panoramic view.

Locally quarried natural stone and timber are main materials for both interior and exterior.Timber screens are used for sunshade and also creates a unique visual feature.

The project is designed to fullfill the needs of local families to enjoy sharing communal atmosphere.The closed space at the communal pool level is housing common social area for residences.The communal pool terrace serves as a gathering platform for the neighborhood.


 Haus Construction and Real Estate Development
 2500 mq
 Beyaz Atolye Architecture
 Secil Yavuz , Mehmet Can Gunay
 Haus Construction and Real Estate Development


Founded in 2006, BeyazAtölye considers architecture's intellectual and structural production as its workplace.

BeyazAtölye’s interdiciplinary work brings specific solutions to various scales: Small scales such as product and interior design; medium scales like architectural design and larger scales such as urban design. It seeks the balance between client needs , construction cost , time and physical conditions.

Seçil Yavuz was born in Istanbul in 1981.She studied Architecture in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, followed by a successful graduation in Masters in Architectural Design in Bilgi University in 2008. Since 2009, she works as a partner in BeyazAtölye.

Mehmet Can Günay was born in İzmir in 1981. He studied Architecture in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, followed by a successful graduation in Masters in Architectural Design in Bilgi University in 2008. Since 2006, he works as a founding partner in BeyazAtölye.

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