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Dellekamp Arquitectos
How does one create a site-specific project without a site?

This question triggered the development of a "module" demonstrated by two projects that offer some possible answers. Dellekamp Arquitectos started by creating a system with a very powerful DNA that allows flexibility and adaptability to different sites and programs; a structure that proposes a range of possibilities.

The module is born from a triangular grid of 2.62 meters to axis, which allows the organization of spaces that give rise to various programs, forms and compositions. Its materiality was defined by the requirements of the "House of Switzerland" project for the Swiss Embassy in Mexico, respecting one of the most common construction materials in Switzerland: wood. The modules are made of certified pine laminated wood and metal joints, promoting this construction method in Mexico.

19°25’28.3”N 99°10’54.1”W

September-December 2016
The "House of Switzerland" pavilion was located in the Bosque de Chapultepec, the emblematic heart of Mexico City and the oldest urban park in America. The structure had two levels, its total height is 6.5 meters, with a dimension of 32m by 18m covering a site of 343m², with 571m² of total built area.
On the ground floor, there was an open forum space for cultural events, two thematic exhibitions, an area of commerce and basic services; the upper floor has three exhibition rooms.
In addition to the use of wood as a renewable and sustainable building material, the pavilion performs as an example for wastewater management.
It captures the rainwater through a system of syphonic sewers; this water is made drinkable and then used in the toilets. The sewage is treated and later used in the toilets, creating a constant cycle of water reuse; both actions are reflected in a minimum expenditure of drinking water.

19°26’10.0”N 99°08’45.4”W

March 2017
To find different ways to think and intervene in the public space we installed a pavilion in the Alameda Central, which was seen, visited and used by thousands of people for ten days during the International Festival Mextropoli, organized by Arquine magazine.
The pavilion provided a resting space for pedestrians; its upper floor functioned as a viewing point and the open forum, at the center, hosting some of the festival’s official activities with more than 150 guests.
The total height of the pavilion was 6.5 m, with a dimension of 18.30m by 11.5m. The total of built area of this structure was 171m², and in distinction from "House of Switzerland Chapultepec", this was organized around an open space without internal divisions, with a central forum for cultural events and an upper floor that functioned as a viewpoint.


 Mexico City
 571 mq
 Derek Dellekamp & Jachen Schleich
 José Manuel Estrada, Gustavo Hernández, Eduardo Cabral, Benoist Rouel-Brax, Laura Alonso, Antoine Vaxelaire, Javier Ramírez, Valentina Sánchez.
 Metal y Madera
 Electrical system: : Ubaldo Velázquez, Plumbing system: 3P Technik México, Hydraulic system: Spl, Lighting design: Luz en Arquitectura
 Adrián Elizondo Lima, Arturo Borjón, Jachen Schleich, Sandra Pereznieto


Is an atelier, founded in 1999, that aims to find unique solutions to the specific conditions of each project through a rigorous research methodology. Its multidisciplinary approach endows its architecture with both pragmatic and creative attributes. At Dellekamp, architecture reveals the forces that contextualize space. By asking the right questions, Dellekamp probes the most adequate process for every project. Constraints are opportunities to develop creative solutions and deliver contextualized proposals, where theory and practice go hand in hand and spatial narratives are thought anew. The breadth of the projects in this atelier range from the design and construction of industrial corporate premises to the research of ephemeral urban architecture.


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