Lawrence Kim / A+U Lab, Pusan National University - Materiality and Perceptions: Paper Wool Plastic
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Materiality and Perceptions: Paper Wool Plastic

Lawrence Kim / A+U Lab, Pusan National University

Special Projects  /  Completed
Lawrence Kim / A+U Lab, Pusan National University
In contemporary architecture, architects are increasingly experimenting with non-conventional building materials seeking to explore new possibilities in design and construction. Often, most enticing aspect of such endeavor lies in material utilization of a given material as spatial element and its perceptual quality. The process requires understanding the material quality including applicability, aesthetic and tectonic characteristics that are unique with each material.

In this series of projects, the architect examined three materials - Paper, Wool and Plastic. The aim was to rethink and redefine the use of selected materials for application and to imagine the use in the form of a ‘box’ – the shape that is the most recognizable with numerous philosophical and inherent modernist connotations. Focusing on the notions of materiality, layering, space vs object, and exteriority vs interiority, the architect examined the qualities of the materials and experimented with ways in which they can be utilized. The resulting work yielded three distinctive temporary installations using laminated paper sheets, wool, and synthetic plastic polymer.


 South Korea
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 Lawrence Kim / A+U Lab, Pusan National University
 Lawrence Kim, Soohye Lee, Daegeon Lee, Juhyun Bae, Jaewon Yeo, Jaeyoon Jeong, Soyeon Kim, Amina Karahodzic, Abudureyimu Rexiti, Simon Groihofer, Julius Fink, Dongsu Kim, Dahoon Kang, Yifei Miao, Honglin Chen, Jongwook Park, Hongseok Kim, Youngeun Jang, Byungchan Kim, Miri Ryu, Dongyoon Kim, Soyeon Park, Doyeon Kim
 Lawrence Kim


A+U Lab is an interdisciplinary design and research collaborative for architecture and urbanism. Led by Lawrence Kim, an architect and professor at Pusan National University, A+U Lab engages in diverse projects through design consultancy and academic research working regionally and internationally.


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