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Renovation  /  Completed
ReCS Architects
It is a renovation of a typical single-family house of the sixties, located on the urban stretch of the Via Emilia, inside Sant’Ilario d’Enza, the last branch of Reggio Emilia towards Parma.
The building was presented with a very simple plan, two rectangles joined, characterized to the east by a trapezoidal terrace, a north-south section that highlighted a difference in height of several meters compared to the altitude (+0.00) of the south elevation, compared to the north (-5.20) and as regards the relationship with the context, a privileged relationship with the via Emilia, being the first building that meets for those entering the town inhabited from the east.
The renovation involved the raising of the building of a floor and the replacement of the building system in masonry with the trilithic one, beams and pillars, in reinforced concrete.
Also in this project the idea defined the form.
The primary objective was to underline the relationship with the south-east side, which offered the best perception with the intornoma, above all a direct and protected view of the Roman consular road.
Since it is not possible to increase the living space, the planimetry was sought to be fragmented from the terrace, through the construction of a new perimeter that delimited all the areas of the building.
A diaphragm was created, behind which a system of overlapping terraces, the outdoor extension of the dwelling, enriched the eastern front from which you can achieve, through cuts studied in their proportions, the surrounding landscape.
The same diaphragm averages the existing plant differences by returning the shape to a regular polygon. The simple and tectonic character at the same time of the new house was pursued through the choice of a cover that exactly resumed the new perimeter of the building, covering even the “cold” terraced areas, a useful device to underline the compactness of the composition but at the same time time easing the whole composition thanks to the absence of supports of the same coverage on the whole east side and partly in the south side.
The interior layouts respond to the functional needs of the new owners with the exception of the living area of the first floor apartment that allowed a more free use of space, here it was decided to configure the space through a T plant at whose ends the large openings of similar size are placed in the three facing rooms where the kitchen, the living room and the dining area take place.
The living area is completed with guest services, a study and stairs to access the upper floor. The main material is the light-colored plastered masonry.
The base, initially designed as a scarp wall, presents a darker color in the final realization.
The protruding frames of the openings in facades are made in eps.
The building has been realized taking into consideration the most advanced technologies for plant engineering and provides a very high energy efficiency (class A) and a sustainability studied in detail.


 Sant'Ilario d'Enza, Reggio Emilia
 400 mq
 ReCS Architects
 Pier Maria Giordani (group leader), Francesco Pavesi, Carlotta Caggiati
 Edil Sima Snc
 Ing. Carlo Castagnetti, Studio3 Termotecnica, Dellavalle Giardini
 Graniti Fiandre, Viabizzuno
 Iacopo Barattieri


ReCS ARCHITECTS was founded in 2011 by four architects who are experts in different fields of research ranging from architecture to urban planning.
These peculiarities allow us to approach the theme of living in such a way as to correctly identify the criticalities and potentialities of individual urban contexts and on these work to raise the "quality of life" of the inhabitants.
The acronym ReCS (Re City Size) is rethinking the dimension of the city: we imagine urban space as an intelligent, inclusive, livable, sustainable organism, participated by its invaluable human capital.
We revisit public architectural space, creating multicentric cities in natural contexts and using innovative technologies to make them "smart".
Theoretical concepts find application in Laguna Ecopark Brazil where we are building the first Smart City in social housing of the world, entirely designed by RECS ARCHITECTS: a city that is capable of responding to current and future housing problems.


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