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Ellgass Allgäu Hotel

markus tauber architectura

Renovation  /  Completed
markus tauber architectura
A simple building, inspired by the agricultural context, is deliberately placed at the original location of the rural barn. This preserves the space effect and intends a pleasant interaction of the two structures. The listed main building and the new accommodation wing complement each other to form a beautiful ensemble of buildings, reinforcing each other in their architectural and spatial impact.

The new building delicately adapts the proportions and materiality of the original farm building, building on a clear rectangular floor plan and simple saddle roof construction, thereby preserving the rural scale. The chosen simple typology addresses the rural element and the rural environment in which the Ellgass family is active and has its roots. To the side of the square, the pedestal training in the existing main building is architecturally taken, but interpreted in a modern way and designed as a glazed façade. This opens the interior to the square, and at the corner of the square a new, contemporary accent is set. The facade design plays with the theme of the formwork, which was already the central facade design element of the agricultural building. From a flat formwork, this mutates into a spatial formwork. This is pulled net-like around the whole building and leads on the gable sides to a multi-layered facade - formwork / balcony / glazed room closure of the rooms - with views from the rooms through the vertical formwork through to the village square. Through this reinterpretation, especially the gable façades retain their rural style and there is deliberately no urban façade with countless façade openings. This withdrawal and intentional reduction in formal language enhances the effect of the traditional Lüftlmalerei of existing buildings.
A one-storey, completely glazed connection between the two buildings closes the space even better, but leaves the town-planning, spatially typical gap between the buildings in the square. The positioning of the main entrance and the opening from the side of the square further enhances the space.

The Hofwirtschaft Hotel Ellgass - a meeting place for the people. In the spirit of sustainability, all wood materials of the existing office building are carefully removed, carefully stored and then, where possible, reinstalled in the new building. Thus, a part of the natural and weathered external formwork in the interiors should be reused and installed as a wall paneling, beams of the roof structure to be carved and used as a construction for the Finn sauna in the spa. As insulation wood fiber insulation boards are provided.
Part of the existing slurry pit is cleaned and reused as a retention tank for the collection of surface waters. By means of a throttle is to be delivered with overflow WW to the channel zeiotverzögert.

This sustainable use of materials and the use of natural building materials is part of the peasant world and should reflect the respect for nature and land and the conscious preservation of the cycle of nature.


 Argenbühl / Eglofs
 Fam. Ellgass
 2000 mq
 Arch. Markus Tauber
 Arch. Federico Molteni, Arch. Kathrin Hammann, Arch. Bernhard Rauter, Dipl. Ing. Stefan Senoner
 Ing. Wolfgang Kling
 Hermann Rupp


Born on 13.07.1961 a Bressanone / Province of Bolzano / Italy
Study at the university of Innsbruck / Austria 1980-88
Esame di stato a Venezia 1990,
studio markus tauber architectura founded 1991

Architecture Awards
German Design Award 2018 – Restaurant Brix 0.1
Iconic Award Winner 2017 – Restaurant brix 0.1
World Architecture Festival WAF 2013 – Woodtower Salten / Tomanegger
Prize citta´ oderzo 2013
best architects 13 -– Heating Plant Silandro

Projects in different fields: villas, residential, hotels, restaurants, schools, industrial building.

Realized Projects :

headquarter ewo - Cortaccia ,
Dolomiti Wellness SPA - Family Resort Hotel Rainer – Sesto
Elementary school - Naz / Sciaves
Elementary school - Elvas / Bressanone
Middle School A. Pedrollo - Montebello Vicentino VI,
Heating Plant Silandro
Heating Plant Bolzano Sud
Ellgass Allgäu Hotel – Eglofs Germany
Ristorante Brix 0.1 – Bressanone / Italy



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