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Green Places Community Clubhouse

Keng-Fu Lo

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Keng-Fu Lo
The building is located in Tainan, Taiwan, it is a shared space for the residents of the community. It provides spaces for dining, reading, exercising, learning, sharing and communication. The floors are stacked vertically as a series of free curves. The design is based on natural patterns and includes a reflecting pond, outdoor plaza and unobstructed views of the nearby hills. Varied surfaces with differing heights to provide more interaction and fun between people. Natural elements are brought into the building not only through its decor, but with a wall formed of tall trees. The result is a harmonious environment where human life maintains contact with nature.

The use of continuous glass windows breaks spatial barriers, inviting nature indoors and creating links between inside and outside. To solve the western-sun-exposure problem common in Taiwan, the solid wall is positioned on the west of the building, reducing the impact of intense sunlight on the interior temperature. On the other hand, the second floor swimming pool faces a stand of trees on the east side, moderating the temperature on cold winter mornings. When the sun brings warmth, the building’s design provides shelter for the pool.
Height differences are used to create a more efficient water cycle. Nano silane ketone resin, used on the outdoor wall, effectively controls mould while providing waterproofing and allowing air circulation. The wall of architecture contains anodized aluminum and RC layer. The cold air as interflow enters the chink of layers. It helps the emission of hot air caused by sunshine radiation. The size of the retractable stairwell and appropriate outside air introduction using the hot buoyancy principle, it discharge hot air effectively. In winter, the design, large trees, double wall and other functions effectively block invasion from cold air. It keeps the villa warm in winter and cool in summer.Hall as part of the architecture is a ventilation tower. At first, planning trees and pools to lower the temperature of air. Moreover, after absorbing the heat generated by the top iron, thermal buoyancy will promote indoor air convection rate, achieve adequate ventilation.

Eco and recyclable building material is selected to reduce replacement rate and decrease the impact to the environment. It is really an important indicator to use the integrated angles made from recyclable materials, aluminum material, metal and glasses with good resistance to time and weather and so on. The renewable power generated from solar power is an important sustainable goal for the building as well.
The net result is a human space with ample natural sun, air and water.


 1998 mq
 Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute
 Kuo-Min Lee


Keng-Fu Lo is the managing director of the Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute. His firm was founded in 1997. He has won 120 international awards including the World Architecture Festival Award. He was also on the shortlist for the INSIDE World Festival of Interiors. His accolades include 8 German Design Awards, 6 American Architecture Prizes, 2 International Property Awards (U.K), Spark Design Awards, JCD Design Award, IDA Design Awards, and the IIDA Global Excellence Awards. His firm has successfully completed numerous projects including architecture and interior design for retail, office, residential, recreation centres and more. Keng-Fu Lo believes it is important to build connections between people and the environment, and strives for consistency in his designs, from architecture to the interior. He strives for a close relationship between the environment, architecture, space and people.

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