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Xixi Center Office Building

gad·Line+ Studio

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gad·Line+ Studio
The site is located on the north side to Xixi National Wetland Park with superior landscape resources. However, due to the expansion of urbanization, the region has been rapidly developing under the push of the local government. A high density city center with modern high-rise office buildings and luxury residences is being gradually formed beside the nature park. The project is a 246,000 square meters building complex of offices, business and some supporting facilities in this area.

Respect for the original wetland landscape, the project aims at integrating the project into the natural environment of the site. How to design a high quality urban space, redefine the image of a “landmark” building, while maintaining cultural tradition of the Xixi wetland spirits, becomes the major challenge of this project.

With the aim of "landmark" and "accessibility", we set up different design strategies on the external and internal interface. The huge volumes of the external interface make the building a visual focus of the region, a “landmark” building. Large openings on the external surfaces invite everyone to come in and share a good public space. The internal volume is modeled on the traditional wetland settlement pattern. By analyzing the spatial characteristics of Xixi Wetland, Architects extract the typical wetland space form, combine with the traditional Chinese courtyard space, try to express the essence of wetland architecture space with modern architectural techniques.

The site is divided into four parts by an east-west 60-meter wide river and a north-south 80-meter wide landscape corridor, four L-shaped slab buildings with large openings are used to encircling the site due to the cross landscape belt. It ensures the maximum utilization of landscape resources and strengthens the sense of place as an understated elegance park. Simple and reasonable structures present a non-conventional visual impression, making the buildings a group of futuristic city sculptures.

For the sake of economic considerations, Architects have decided to simplify the complex surface morphology and use the conventional construction strategy to realize the unconventional visual impression. The three-dimensional irregular form and structure is realized by dividing the block by the two-dimensional horizontal lines of sun-shading louvers. At the entrance of the urban interface, large-span vierendeel steel truss is used for the large opening. The slab is a RC frame shear wall structure. Descending the bottom plate of the revolving door to realize the frame free design. The core tube is set on one side, providing more possibilities for the plan. Revit was used to ensure the building quality.

Compared with small scale projects, large volume project design needs a more prudent design strategy. Architects take the responsibility of building the high quality urban space, dig into the potential value of the business logic, break away from formulaic style and priori establishment, seek a delicate balance between modernity and localization, and gradually solve the severe problem.


 246046 mq
 Zhang Wei, Meng Fanhao
 Xie Lei, Tang Yan, Zhu Mingsong, Zhao Liang, Sun Tao, Miao Chunle, Zhu Min
 Yao Li, Huang Jinrong, Zhao Qiang


gad·Line+ Studio is an innovative design studio. In the idea of Line+, design is not isolated but more should be understood as a diverse and individualized organic life. Line+ aims at breaking the boundary of traditional building industry. Footing on architecture design, we expect to achieve the boundaryless integration of urban planning, architecture design, interior design, product design, landscape design and project operation. We look forward to share the value of design with our partners.

From the creation of urban space to the revitalization of the rural civilization, we always thought critically and followed the regional cultural context, hoping to respond to contemporary culture and show its diverse content in our works. Line+ mainly works on urban public space, cultural tourism, high-end human settlement and rural rejuvenation projects. We dig into the potential value of the business logic, and strive to become a ferry man between culture and business.

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