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The projects drawn up for the Chinese community of Yiwu are part of a municipal program for the redevelopment of degraded suburban areas and for the development of the urban fabric that still provides ample room for building growth, mainly linked to the residence with the presence of services and trade.
The projects for Yiwu concern two areas in which to organize the roads, public spaces, greenery and buildings for a total of 200’000 square meters.
The intervention involves the construction of volumes based on important manufacturability indices.
The type of intervention was therefore developed on multi-storey buildings with "cortina", long fronts built overlooking the large avenues of new plant. A kind of big "Boulevard" along which to develop trade and services.
The architecture was imagined as a scenic backdrop on the big Boulevard, a sort of "double skin" detached from the main body of the buildings to make way for the lodges.
Thus the function inside the building is completely separated from its facade. The façade is no longer the link between inside and outside but is intended as the architecture that the building expresses as a public part, depending on the overall composition of the street, its scenographic and its constituent elements.
The design of the public façade is used indistinctly both in buildings that are developed in the longitudinal direction, as in the circular-shaped corner buildings like, a theme that can be repeated infinitely in the thousand declensions in which the design itself can be modified by keeping the same meaning.
The sequence of horizontal and vertical elements ideally recalls some recurring patterns and themes in oriental design, skilfully reworked and simplified.
The project basically involves a monochromatic choice, being able to count on the play of empty and full, determined by the prevalence of porches and loggias that determine on the fronts a succession of shadows that vary during the day based on the movement of the sun.
However, these buildings are of fairly modest commercial value, with simple finishes such as painted plaster.
The ground floors, on the other hand, are characterized by windows that are laid out flush with the outside, denying the view of any masonry or load-bearing pillars.
The color chosen for these facades is white that through its neutrality is able to enhance the play of shadows and volumes.
It is the main idea of scene and public image even before the façade of a building.
The design of the facades is therefore the design of a part of the city and for this the facades themselves are interpreted as elements of pure abstraction, in which the architecture emerges in their monumentality, in the seriality and at the same time laid out in that randomness that defines in a precise way a principle.


 Yiwu Municipality
 200000 mq
 ReCS Architects
 Pier Maria Giordani (group leader), Mario Scaffardi (group leader), Chen Zhen, Francesco Pavesi, Carlotta Caggiati
 Yiwu Municipal State Developer


ReCS ARCHITECTS was founded in 2011 by four architects who are experts in different fields of research ranging from architecture to urban planning.
These peculiarities allow us to approach the theme of living in such a way as to correctly identify the criticalities and potentialities of individual urban contexts and on these work to raise the "quality of life" of the inhabitants.
The acronym ReCS (Re City Size) is rethinking the dimension of the city: we imagine urban space as an intelligent, inclusive, livable, sustainable organism, participated by its invaluable human capital.
We revisit public architectural space, creating multicentric cities in natural contexts and using innovative technologies to make them "smart".
Theoretical concepts find application in Laguna Ecopark Brazil where we are building the first Smart City in social housing of the world, entirely designed by RECS ARCHITECTS: a city that is capable of responding to current and future housing problems.


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