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Wabi Sabi Concrete Kitchen

Et al. Collaborative

Kitchen Design Special Contest  /  Completed
Et al. Collaborative
Challenged with designing a seamless transition between new kitchen and existing loft, layout constraints were seen as opportunities to introduce aesthetic and functional details in the concrete, used as a structural framework and finish material.

Key moments and details throughout the kitchen compliment the over arching principle of old and new. Examples include an integrated wine storage that can be seen as you enter their home, concrete indentations that channel water back to sink, and a gas range set into the concrete counter-top which maintains cohesion between kitchen functions.

The precision of manufactured geometric patterns found in tiles and cabinetry is contrasted with both natural patterns that result from curing concrete and the exposed knots and textures of wood elements.

Wabi Sabi Concrete Kitchen

Fully designed and integrated concrete kitchen.
The design of the space is intended to reflect both aspects of the traditional
rustic-style kitchen and the contemporary. Working closely with the clients to define their needs.
We imagined the kitchen as a living canvas where various narratives of the everyday unfold.
The success was in merging the authenticy of the material with functional demands that a kitchen requires.
142 sq ft kitchen
87 sq ft of tile
13 cubic yd.of concrete
150 linear ft.of rebar
concrete inset custom wood chopping block
custom wood table top

The concrete was set using a technique applied throughout Latin America. Concrete was reinforced using metal mesh and rebar accordingly. The concrete through client specification was required to be cast and cured naturally, that means inherent cracks would be visible and welcome. The concrete was sealed using a three- part solvent, which would result in food safe surfaces, yet impenetrable to liquids and stains. The finish on the concrete was matte. Integrated details such as dish drainage and integrated cook top, along with beveled counter top edges added to the functionality of the space. To juxtapose the natural beauty of the concrete, a more industrialized tile was specified. Beneath the patterned cement tile are radiant heated floors for temperature control. Integrated lighting solution with dim-able and programable fixtures would allow the client to control the atmosphere/ mood, heightening the experience from morning to night. Oak wood accents create warmth throughout.


 Tracy Ricard and Mara Leimanis
 14 mq
 Et al. Collaborative
 Jose Nuñez, Manu Garza, Stephanie Tabares, Waisuddin Azizi
 Irwin Lopez- Minnow Associates
 Luis Villa (Ecuavilla Cabinets) and Rob Terlaak (Pitt Cooking)
 Pitt Cooking, Dal Tile, Marrakeche Design
 Warren Chow/ Et al. Collaborative


Et al. Collaborative is an architectural design practice with tandem offices in Detroit, MI and Brooklyn, NY. We are a design-oriented firm that understands the importance of thoughtful solutions and implementation. We have worked locally and nationally on a comprehensive variety of project types: new construction, adaptive reuse, historic restoration, existing facility expansion and renovation, as well as mixed-use projects. We take pride in our experience collaborating on projects with local fabricators, artists, and makers.

Our methodology for the design of all spaces is a straightforward approach to function and an architectural expression which is concerned with users and the community, a vernacular response to local climate and culture, the integration of spontaneous social needs, and the power of simple forms and spaces. We understand the importance of people and place and the necessity of expressing the unique characteristics of
a well-planned space.


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