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Takoma Park Kitchen Design

Nichols Design Associates

Kitchen Design Special Contest  /  Completed
Nichols Design Associates

A new contemporary house built in 2016; the kitchen is centrally located in the middle with living and dining areas of the first floor and library, bedroom, and bridge of the second floor of a new contemporary detached house in Takoma Park, MD, USA. As one moves from kitchen to dining with access to outdoor terrace along the new central axis the spaces become more open and filled with light from the second floor skylight through Chinese egg-waffle panels and tall green glass block. A green glazing ceramic tile on the kitchen wall above the Emeralda stone countertop is bright while LED lights reflect to the cherry wood cabinets from under the library and upper cabinets. The kitchen is oriented toward the creek park through a large corner glazing panels.

The area in Kitchen is 13 square meters with 2.45 meter high from floor to ceiling. The appliance for refrigerator, range with oven, vent hood, microwave and dishwasher is supplied by SubZero-Wolf. The light fixtures on ceiling above the kitchen are Juno 10cm LED. In the tall maple wood cabinet (floor to ceiling) Hafele pantry is aluminum with pull out units chrome. On the base cabinet with face to dining area, the four glass doors with frosted glass for open self cabinet and on upper wall cabinet the frosted glass door is flip up style. All cabinet panels are maple wood finish. The flooring is cinnamon wide plank bamboo with glued down over radiant heat on slab.

The principal idea of the kitchen design is a contemporary style, which is located in the opening space between living room with the concrete fireplace and dining on the first floor with the forest view, called a visual communication for residents with hearing loss. That’s the reasoning behind a second floor bridge that connects to the library and art studio and overlooks the kitchen. Above the kitchen, leading into that library/art studio, is a 1X1cm silver green tile with silk matte mesh mounted mosaic that can be bright with the reflections from natural light during all day.

The kitchen design, however, did more than simple meet the hearing impaired client’s need for visual accessibility and communication throughout the spaces of the house. It unified the requisite technology with a natural, environmentally focused design. Wood cabinets, granite countertop, ceramic tile, and bamboo floors exemplify the project’s use of natural light, color, and texture.

Of course, visual cues aren’t the only benefit with a plenty of light filters in through these openings, too. An abundance of windows, skylights, and a wall of gleaming silver green tile in the kitchen all add to the wide with an opening view.


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Owner and Principal of Nichols Design Associates, Inc. in Washington, DC since 1993, specializes in contemporary residential, commercial and interior designs, universal design and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility.

My office is dedicated to the design of modern meticulously detailed and thoughtfully ordered residential and commercial projects that are sensitive to site, program and budget. Materials are employed with honesty, integrity and ecological awareness. Interior spaces are active and intricate, tranquil and minimal. Regardless of project size or budget, our office is committed to producing buildings and spaces that strive for design excellence.

I was an instructor and juror in the design studio at Boston Architectural College in Boston, MA from 1985 to 1988 and University of Maryland in College Park from 2011 to 2012.
Mr. Nichols received a B.Arch. Degree in Architecture in 1979 and M. Arch Degree in Urban Design in 1981 from Cornell University.


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