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Kitchen island for P Apartment, Paris

Claudio Silvestrin Architects

Kitchen Design Special Contest  /  Completed
Claudio Silvestrin Architects
The earth, its waters, its forests and its mountains are extraordinarily beautiful in themselves, in their simple and bare presence. The essence of this kitchen is brought to life through the specific selection of material. It encapsulates the elements of this earth through the use of cast bronze (made from earth and fire), moulded to a form that lies somewhere between function and sculpture.
Differing from everyday artefacts, in which their use and function are predominant, earth is unadulterated, independent from what we are, what we do and what use we attribute to it. Conceiving this kitchen island, Claudio Silvestrin imagined an object of use and function that presents itself with the same strength as nature: solid, timeless and abstract. Expressing the immense value of the earth with a rigorous geometrical shape and natural materials – bronze cast.
To devise a well-designed kitchen is to understand the fundamental and not crowd and clutter the space. Each day, each meal, each event is unique, demanding a flexibility of space unlike any other room in the house. With the exception of a single Wegner chair, every single item of fixture, lighting and furniture in the P Apartment is designed by Claudio Silvestrin. The centre piece of this 250m2 home is located in the kitchen, a 13m long cast bronze island weighing 4000 kg, thought of as a horizontal obelisk, allowing the host to simultaneously prepare and entertain, without compromise.
Stretching parallel to the fully glazed northwest façade overlooking Avenue Montaigne the kitchen island acts as storage, cuisine, and a platform for entertainment. A single hob toward the centre of the island can be covered and made flush with the rest of the counter top, allowing for a fluidity of function. Sinks on either side of the island with ample work space between encourage multiple and simultaneous use of the kitchen, which is no longer a place of seclusion in preparation, but somewhere to congregate and dwell. Surrounding this island, the home unfolds. A walk-in shower and bench for repose, look onto the island and Avenue Montaigne. The dweller is free to navigate the home, to construct a routine unique and unlike that of tradition. Directly parallel from the island- looking out from the south east façade- is a more conventional kitchen with further appliances, somewhat of a prep kitchen allowing the centre point of the apartment to remain free of clutter, reiterating the fluidity and multi-functionality of the space.


 250 mq
 Claudio Silvestrin Architects
 Fabrizio Cellini, Claudio Silvestrin
 Co. modo
 James Morris


Claudio Silvestrin Architects

Claudio Silvestrin Architects was established in 1989 with offices in London and, since 2006, in Milan as well. The work of the practice encompasses real estate developments, newly built houses and resorts for private residence, art galleries and museums, restaurants, luxury retail stores and furniture design.
Clients include Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Giada, Anish Kapoor, Victoria Miro, Fondazione Sandretto Re-Rebaudengo, YTL Singapore, Illy Coffee, Princi, Rainer Becker of Zuma and internationally acclaimed hip hop artist and producer Kanye West.
Claudio Silvestrin’s most recent project is a newly built fashion mall of 40,000 m² in Turin. It will open to the public in March 2017.



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