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Ivana Dabrovic I Arhitekti

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Ivana Dabrovic I Arhitekti
The residential building was built in Frano Supilo Street in Dubrovnik; it is located in the middle of the Ploče area of Dubrovnik, between the Old Town and Sveti Jakov neighbourhood, above the attractive Seherezade villa, famous for its beautiful gardens.

This part of Ploče is quite specific as it offers more multi-storey building possibilities than the rest of the neighbourhood. There is also a tall and continuous street stone wall.
In order to preserve the look of the existing street with a similar architectural typology, the residential apartment building fits with its structure into the existing, extremely steep, cascade-like terrain and the height of the individual storeys (cascades) aligns with the height of the stone supporting walls, starting on a specific 6-metre high old stone supporting wall, which is retained.
There are almost no free plots left, and the view from the Ploče area is just like the ‘Greetings from Dubrovnik’ postcard. The plot is situated in an urban matrix between two residential buildings of approximately the same height. The residential villa overlooking the sea looks as if it has been there forever.

The surface of the plot is not large (474 m2). The ground floor area of the building is 190 m2, with 4 storeys and 4 residential units of total gross area of 950 m2.
Each residential unit is accessible by an elevator from a two-storey fully buried underground garage behind the stone wall on the street side, or from the outdoor staircases that follow the steep terrain on the side of the building. Each residential unit has an exit on all sides to the cascading terrain with roof gardens housing summer kitchens.

The most beautiful vistas are from the southwest side of the residential building, which overlooks the island of Lokrum, the Old Town and the Sveti Jakov area. To fully experience them, retracted, cascade terraces with glass partitions are build along the entire length of the flats. Therefore, master bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens open to the sea horizon, the Old Town, the greenery of the Lokrum island, and the gardens of the Seherezade villa.
In addition to the traditional architecture, there is already modern architecture present in the Ploče area, such as the Excelsior Hotel by architect Neven Šegvić, the Argentina Hotel by architect Boris Krstulović and others.
The architecture of the residential villa is modern, which is demonstrated by glass sections with recessed load bearing columns of black steel in a white three-storey cube lying on the base and supporting walls made of rough local stone.
The glass partitions in a single section are irregularly positioned, which creates interesting reflections of the sea, the sky, and the gardens.


 Dubrovnik, Sv.Jakov
 950 mq
 architect in charge: Ivana Dabrovic, architect
 Maja Tutavac, architect; Petra Rakamarić, architect; Kristina Vidić, architect
 ALFAPLAN d.o.o., LUMISS d.o.o., MC SOLAR d.o.o., IGV d.o.o., TURPI, obrt za usluge i građevinarstvo, IZO-ING d.o.o., OTIS DIZALA d.o.o., MULTIPARKING d.o.o., KEOPS, kamenorezački obrt, ARCUS d.o.o., BRAVARIJA RELJANOVIĆ d.o.o.
 Miljenko Bernfest


IVANA DABROVIC I ARHITEKTI is an office for architecture and urban planning.
It has a series of successful completed projects and buildings from which specially stand out apartment buildings,residential buildings,architectural branding and multimedia exibitions.
Head of the office is Ivana Dabrovic,architect in charge,collaborating with architect Maja Tutavac.
Office featured projects are,in Croatia, Villa B&R in Sevid; House K in Dubrovnik; House U and House V2,both in Dubrovnik in collaboration with Studio 3LHD for which they received Drago Galic Award in the field of residential architecture; boathouse in Ireland and projects for Vindija retail chain.
From exhibitions important are exhibitions on the island Lokrum near Dubrovnik with themes of filming series Game of Thrones and legends of Richard the Lionheart and Benedictines.
Important interior are restaurant&caffe bar Ham-Ham in Zagreb for which office was nominated for the Bernardo Bernardi Award in the field of interior and design.


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