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Amani enjoys a privileged location in Lomas de Angelópolis Cascatta, one of Puebla’s latest developments, which features an outstanding variety of amenities including banks, schools, stores, and green areas.

Amani has 226 homes, ranging from 84 to 168 m2, distributed between two, twenty two - storey buildings with three undergroung parking levels. The lobby features a mezzanine to welcome visitors and residents, while the 17 remaining floors are home to the apartments and amenities.

The builidngs are mainly projected in post-tensioned concrete structure, excpet for the cantilivered endings that hang with a steel tensioned system, which allows these volumes to be constructed with nerved flat slabs that give a feeling of lightness.
We must emphasize that the building was design to be built in two phases due to an economic and occupancy development plan for the area.

From the moment you access to Amani residential complex, harmony can be experienced throughout its use of exposed and natural materials in a color palette of sober and elegant tones.

The exterior finishes are mostly apparent. With a predominance in the façades on the use of apparent concrete, mixing natural and white finishing which sets framed “living boxes” to compose the design of the facade. The use of local wood, marble, and stone materials, for floors and walls, encourages a local essence for the Project and its users.

Two slender blocks, measuring 9 x 64 m, complement their volumetric composition with open green areas at strategic levels to host the amenities and to frame the stunning views of the volcanoes. The cantilevered head of the volumes, serve as visual jigsaw pieces that merge the inside areas with the outdoors providing a visual connection to its natural surroundings.

All of the apartments have natural light and ventilation; they were designed to highlight panoramic views of the city of Puebla, the waterfall gardens, and the privileged view of the volcanoes Popocatépetl and Iztaccihuatl. Each apartment has a generous terrace that strengthens the relationship with the environment and gives more spaciousness to living spaces.

To further the relationship between this complex and its natural surroundings, Amani features 4,000 m2 of green areas, and 2,300 m2 of open areas distributed through the buildings volumes, to complement the landscape and the views of itself. This combination of elements makes Amani´s experience unique.


 55700 mq
 ARCHETONIC: Jacobo Micha Mizrahi + Jaime Micha Balas
 Jorge Pineda Flores, Miriam Leal Ordoñez, Anaid Guadalupe Cruz, José A. Chong.
 Structural engineering – AAPPSA, Installations – ROSETTE Y ASOCIADOS.


ARCHETONIC is a Mexico City based study with more than 30 years of practice in architecture projection.

All our projects have the base commitment to improve the environment, paying special attention to design, materials and local processes.

We design spaces with a systemic methodology: self-sufficient and sensitive to the context, with spatial quality and economic responsibility, always having in mind that architecture is to inhabit, serve and coexist in society.

figuring out the formal limitations of design has led us to generate opportunities to experiment and achieve unique spaces; thanks to a wide knowledge of operation we achieve optimal functionality in our projects, taking care of even the smallest detail, from its conception to its execution.

Our team is guided by instinct mixing experience with young talent. So far we have more than 120 built projects (residential, commercial, tourist, offices, interior and cultural) recognized by national and international awards.

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