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Joe Tabet

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Joe Tabet

Al Raha Waterfront Courtyard Apartments has been designed to create a living community that facilitates a sustainable, efficient and natural way of life. The advantages of its design will benefit the developer, owner and occupier of the community alike.
Within the development constraints of the plot the building has been thoughtfully positioned and oriented to maximise physical and visual connections to beneficial surroundings and views. The commonly default organisation of a double loaded corridor has been drawn apart to become a courtyard. The functions of corridor and courtyard are overlaid to create a naturally ventilated external space providing principle circulation via shaded walkways and bridged voids. This naturally cross ventilated ‘gorge‘ is the environmental, functional and social heart of the community.
The architectural form and facade treatment defines the individual apartments within the building while integrating external balconies and green spaces - articulating and elevating the building from its massing. As visual interest is created by the building’s form, its materiality can generally remain simple and economic, allowing luxurious materials to be utilised in key locations to greater effect.
The volume of air conditioned internal space is minimised by the use of the courtyard as circulation, and areas of glazing are shaded by the balconies woven into the facade. This passive design strategy significantly reduces energy consumption, assisting with the project’s target of an Estidama 1 Pearl rating.


 Abu Dhabi
 United Arab Emirates
 Mr Saeed Eid Al Ghafli
 25890 mq
 JT + Partners Team
 Locke-Carey – Fire Safety Consultants, RBA – Vertical Transportation


JT & Partners is an energetic, collaborative, creative team of innovative individuals providing architectural design and master planning consultancy. Their bespoke designs reflect the cultural diversity, experience and understanding of its team.
They always strive to go above and beyond the call of duty to explore, research and innovate as part of the design process. The company encourages a collaborative workshop environment wherein their collective expertise, and that of their carefully selected sub-consultants can ‘cross-pollinate’ projects, improving quality and productivity. Their balanced, holistic approach to the environmental, social and economic considerations of each project ensures that the full potential of every opportunity is realised in a sustainable manner.
They are currently working on 15 destinations, from Morocco to Seychelles, Lebanon, India, Sri Lanka, North Africa, KSA and UAE, spanning residential, hospitality, mixed-use and master plan developments.

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