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At long last

Architect Maarten Douwe Bredero

Kitchen Design Special Contest  /  Completed
Architect Maarten Douwe Bredero
This interior object contains a kitchen and archive. It also functions as projection platform, walk in closet and acoustical absorbing surface.
The kitchen itself offers a working top and sink, as well as washing machine and large American fridge. Cooking facilities include an electric stove and large coffee making machine.
A movable rectangular bar can be positioned in front of the kitchen entrance.
The acoustical covering consists of shredded cotton.
A dividing line between woodwork and cloth moves up and down at three degrees to the same datum against the backdrop wall. Whereas the front of the console is twisted horizontally at an angle of three degrees.
Last year, foundation Architectural Centre Rondeel moved to an long shaped space (75 m2) at ground floor level. Finally back to the inner city of the mediaeval city of Deventer, at one of her oldest streets!
Van Veldhuizen Stadsontwikkeling, Hans Architecten and Architect Maarten Douwe Bredero went ahead with the interior facilities. The latter office got commissioned for the design and coordination. JVZ calculated, Das van Hout realized and the firm Koetsier installed.
At the smallest possible space a maximum of function is put in place, namely kitchen, archive, projection, walk in closet and sound muting. Next to the open kitchen entrance there are two doors, for the printer/modem and the stairs. The stair/ladder is with its adjacent floor removable to allow big cupboards to be lifted high up.
In order to minimize the spatial impact, the top side is kept free from the ceiling. To create a floating effect, the kitchen top LED-lights shine through the wall cavity onto the floor. The ceiling light fixtures are lined up with the structurally necessary beam construction.
A colour search gave this stain tint as a match with the greyish anthracite floor and bluish insulation. The upper side and underneath part of the console are namely covered with Métisse. This material is as thermal insulation and acoustical absorption available in several thicknesses. Chosen here is 4,5 cm. acoustically ideal in terms of structure and mass. It works fantastically with the remaining hard surfaces in this space. Normally this fluffy fabric is kept hidden from the eye or is dressed with a robe. Innovative here is the fact that the glued-on blankets are kept in sight.
The strive in short has been to enrich this interior with a super handy fixed object.

Photography: Studio Csány


 The Netherlands
 Foundation Architectuurcentrum Rondeel
 10 mq
 Maarten Douwe Bredero
 Maarten Douwe Bredero
 Das van Hout
 JVZ Engineers
 Koetsier Installatietechniek, VRK Acoustics & Isolatie
 Studio Csany


In the working method of this office for architecture, form and structural expertise fuse into a balanced contextual and spatial fit. Regardless of the scale or orientation of the intervention – public space, bridge, building, interior or furniture – the requirements in terms of human and structural behaviour, are optimally translated within the morphological and juridical framework (location, zoning plans and building legislation). Fire Safety and Durability are intertwined in each architectural assignment.
With an expressive architectural imagery the strive is for modest details and a finishing with natural materials.
Principals vary from private persons (dwelling, house alteration) to municipalities (infrastructure), services and industry (factory plants and office, new construction, transformation).



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